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“VICE” Magazine Shows You How To Get Free Stuff From Grindr

For the uninitiated, or simply those unfamiliar with the practice of randomly hooking up in the 21st century, Grindr is both a gift and a curse.

Having a hotbed of horny hunks in your hand is a power that can be easily used and abused so — to quote Mariah Carey in Precious (based on the novel Push by Sapphire) — let’s talk about the abuse.

VICE magazine offers a few tips on how to justly abuse the Grindr system to get what you want and get what you need without necessarily getting off. From drugs to sofas to someone to read your dissertation, this is apparently the app for that.

Scribe Brian Moylan relates several anecdotes regarding friends who’ve gotten hooked up, with some occasional hooking up on the side, such as this:

Getting stuff off Grindr is just like getting laid: It’s not over until everyone is happy. Sean also read his friend’s thesis in return and Steve helped his Danish friend write an essay in English (he also fucked the guy on the regular for several months, which is another form of payment all its own). It’s all about karma (or oral sex); you have to give if you want to receive.

And it’s that kind of homespun wisdom that gets you ahead in life. Or at least gets you some decent secondhand furniture or, at the very least…some decent indecency.

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  • Captain proton

    Was there a point to this story? I’m still looking for it.
    Perhaps I should look on Grindr?

  • Spike

    @Captain proton: You come to Queerty to find a point in the postings? Oh honey, that’s precious.

  • Matt

    Grindr is actually useful for this sort of thing. My car broke down on the way home from visiting a friend and I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. I was actually able to quickly find people on grindr who offered rides and other help after I described my plight, there’s probably no easier or cheaper way to get help if you’re stuck in a bind with no one you know around.

  • ScottBonzitski

    I can see Captain Protons’ stance. Also, after perusing Matts’ entry/point of view, the article really did not make sense but, Matt was able to sum things up in a nutshell. I always thought of Grindr as a “hook-up for sex app.”. Maybe I need to check it out further as a social network. Thanks Matt for encapsulating the just of the article.

  • Mike

    A few years ago vice magazine used to be cool and actually have entertaining and funny articles. Now it’s boring and silly.

  • DouggSeven

    Not all of us are sluts who have a grinder account for quick, anonymous sex with strangers. Why do you keep validating them as something different or a respectable tool that we all supposedly use?

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Free stuff besides STDs and regretful decisions.

  • goofyjoemoore

    In Japan, where I live, Grindr has it’s primary purpose but it also serves as a way to reach into the gay community. I live in the sticks, and even in the nearest city the gay community is all but hidden. You have to know someone to find it essentially. Grindr, Jack’d, Mixi and the other apps of this nature give you that “in” you need to find the gay community. Even though this article was terribly written, I do see the meaning behind it.

  • Paul

    So people actually DO network on Grindr? Who knew?

  • Charlie

    As a Tarot reader I’ve found a number of clients on Grindr. It’s a social network and has secondary uses for creative folks beyond hooking up.

  • JD

    I seriously don’t know why I ever read the comments on Queetry. Soooo many of you are holier-than-thou queens who think they’re smarter, better looking and more sophisticated than the average gay guy. So what you don’t use Grindr. Just because other guys use it, does not make them sluts.

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