Victim Of Alleged Illinois State University Hate Crime Speaks Out To Local Television

Eric Unger, the student who was assaulted Saturday night at Bloomington’s Illinois State University, has spoken out to CBS Chicago.

He was beaten so badly that his jaw is currently wired shut, but he can still speak with limited enunciation.

Says Unger:

“The last thing I remember is just being blindsided by six or eight guys… Saying ‘I’m gonna beat your ass.’ Things like ‘I’ll kill you,’ like ‘You’re a fag.’… I know this is a hate crime, just because of the words that they said and just how they were saying it.”

Best of luck to Eric for a speedy recovery. There were no witnesses at the scene and police have still not decided whether to pursue it as a hate crime.

Without any witnesses and Eric’s memory limited to simply recalling his assailants seemed to be six to eight African-American guys, it seems unlikely any of the suspects will be caught.