Victim Of “Hate Crime” Is Apparent Hoaxster, Injured Self By Falling Face-First Onto Pavement

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.30.53 AMThe British theater student who claimed he was beaten by a group of homophobic thugs in a hate crime late last month is a liar, according to the Lancashire Evening Post.

The Post reports that Paddy O’Neill, the detective assigned to Richard Scott Kennedy’s case, has confirmed that CCTV footage revealed the horrific injuries Kennedy claimed were inflicted during a hate crime were actually the result of a nasty fall he took “after a night out.”

Kennedy “lost four of his teeth and required facial surgery” not because he was beaten, but because he fell face-first on the pavement. Alone:

CCTV revealed that UCLan student Richard Scott Kennedy, from Blackpool, fell face first after a night out.

He had claimed he suffered verbal abuse after leaving the bar and his only recollection was waking up in the street, covered in blood with a battered face. He was found by friends and taken to hospital.

“We managed to recover some CCTV footage which shows the injured party falling face-first onto the pavement,” O’Neill told the Post. “We have showed him the CCTV and he now accepts his injuriries were caused during the fall. Having had oversight of the investigation since its inception and taking into account the full circumstances, I accept his report was made in good faith.”

Kennedy’s original Facebook post claiming he was a victim of a hate crime was still live at time of posting, with well over 150,000 “likes” and more than 180,000 shares. He has not yet offered a statement regarding the new developments.

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