Victims Not Having Pope’s Shame

Pope Benedict XVI’s been in the States for less than 24-hours and he’s already causing a stink!

His Holiness yesterday said that he feels great “shame” about the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals, which have cost the United States’ churches an estimated $2 billion.

While Benny probably thought the statements would help pave the way for a smooth visit, the abused had some rough words for him:

He talks about feeling shame for the scandal but it’s a far cry from the shame that victims have had to live with our entire lives,” said Becky Ianni, 50, an abuse victim who joined a vigil in front of St. Dominic’s Catholic Church here.

We don’t really need his sense of shame,” said Ms. Ianni, who said she was abused by her parish priest in Alexandria Va., from age 9 to 11. “We need him to take firm actions to correct the situation.”

Another commenter pointed out that Benedict’s statements included his and the Church’s “suffering,” but he failed to mention the children involved. That says it all.