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Video of Farrah Moan and Shea Coulee being attacked by homophobe in kebab shop goes viral

An altercation quickly devolved into homophobia as RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 queens Shea Coulee and Farrah Moan were touring in Newcastle, UK over the weekend.

A Snapchat video taken at a kebab shop shows Farrah exchanging words with a drunk shop patron, who starts things off with a “slut.”

“Why are you so greasy?” fired back Farrah.

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“Why are you so gay?” asked the woman. Good one.

“Because I’m a motherf*cking star and I’ve been on TV. We’re touring the whole world being gay. What are you doing? You’re living in Newcastle with your crusty-ass eyelashes.”

“You’re a walking STD!” said the customer as she touched Fararh.

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“Don’t touch me!” Farrah said.

Farrah commented on the video via Twitter after it started to go viral:

“so I didnt wanna bring attention to the negativity that happened to me and shea last night in Newcastle at a kebab shop but the vid is spreading. No need to apologize on behalf of the city- our show was amazing and theres homophobic twats all over the world. Love you guys! … Hahaha I didn’t maintain my classiness to well in the video… I was drunk as hell and some lil girl came up to Shea and I with her phone calling us faggots, walking stds cuz my hair was pink and I guess she was white girl wasted ”

At that night’s performance, Shea addressed the incident, explaining that “6’2″ glamazon named Steph” stepped in to defend them:

Shea is looking to connect with Steph if anyone has any intel:

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