Video Game Boy Like Boys
We’re not big gamers ourselves, but we whole-heartedly support gamers (we’re all part of the nerd brotherhood, you know), especially when they send us clips of their video game alter-egos getting down on some pixilated homo action.

This particular clip comes from our friends over at Gay Gamer, you know: the site for “boys who like boys who like joysticks” (yeah, really clever, that).

Anyway, in Rock Star Games’ controversial new offering, Bully, you not only get the chance to beat the tar out of school yard hooligans, but there are also four different homos who are more than willing to lock lips. Not above virtual love, the Gay Gamers fell in love with a nice, video casanova, who boasts that he’s “such a player” and asks if he’s “a totally awesome kisser.” Sounds like a real winner.

It’s too bad this particular virtual homo didn’t fall as hard. A GG writes:

I was shocked later, when I went into the town near the school, to find my blonde hunk holding hands with a red haired jock while waiting in line for the movies. Needless to say, my heart was broken…

Oh, babe, don’t fret – you’ve got so much more than that stupid boy. Like what? Well, flesh and blood, for starters. Dreams. A reboot button.