Video Game Shop’s Perfect Response To Vandal’s Antigay Graffiti

video-game2Owners of Voltage Video Games in Syracuse, NY, aren’t letting a gang of homophobic vandals get the best of them.

Earlier this week, someone broke into the store, smashing through the glass door to gain entry, then spray-painting “gay” on the window.

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But rather than get upset, the owners decided to fire back at vandals with a message of tolerance.

First, they painted a rainbow on the remaining window along with the following message: “Dear vandalist [sic], so what?” Then they boarded up the shattered glass door, writing on the wood: “I assure you, we are OPEN.”

A picture of the storefront was posted on Reddit yesterday. Other Reddit users were quick to respond.

“For a moment there I lived in a world where ‘gay’ wasn’t an insult,” one person wrote. “I guess I was wrong…Then again, after the shop owner’s response I’d be more likely to buy from that particular shop.”

“I’d really love to shop there,” someone else commented, “it looks awesome and knowing that they’re both open for business and open to LGBT people makes it look even more appealing.”

Sorry, vandals. You lose.

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h/t: Pink News