Video Of Justin Bieber’s Redacted Penis Finally Available To The Public

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.13.34 PMWow, look at that big ol’ piece of meat hanging in front of Justin Bieber! How does he ever conceal a weapon that large in a pair of baggy leather diaper pants?

Miami-Dade County has finally released the much-anticipated video of the 20-year-old pop star touching his junk in a jail cell following his arrest for driving under the influence last month.

As you recall, videos like this are open for public viewing and not always censored, though the judge in Bieber’s case allowed for the redaction of his penis because he is a massive star.

Cops reported “having a problem” blurring Bieber’s tool because he “moves as he pees.” Guess Bieber Jr. is much larger than you thought — just look at the size of that black box!

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  • Kieran

    It is kind of sad that America has so quickly morphed into a police state where privacy rights are a thing of the past, but atleast this video shows we treat every citizen’s dignity with equal contempt here in the USA.

  • redcarpet

    Well that was pointless.

  • Stevenw

    Damnit I came on here for the spiteful Bieber trashing.

    Hopefully I just got here too early.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Cameras should be EVERYWHERE in a jail, police station, drunk tank…..that way the p.i.g.s will remember they are being watched when they beat the crap out of some guy they arrested.

  • anna27

    Wow this is so wrong on so many levels. It is like taking a video up a woman’s skirt, except the police are doing it.

  • Kieru

    @Kieran: I’m not sure I follow your line of thought. Beiber was arrested and being processed for criminal activity. His rights to privacy at that point are for the most part suspended. This particular footage is from obtaining a urine sample for a mandatory drug test. Video surveillance exists to prove that the sample was not tampered with.

    It’s not like the police station just had a urine cam in the restroom to peep on everyone going in.

  • xzall

    Funny though, that this is the only celebrity who’s ever had his urine test released for public viewing. WE’ve certainly never seen Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton squatting for their tests nor have even non celebrities drug test been released. It’s obviously a big double standard but you better hope this is a sign of things to come. Not everyone who’s arrested is guilty after all.

  • xzall

    meant to say: Not a sign of things to come.

  • Vartan X.

    I don’t see how this violates his privacy. He unzipped his pants BEFORE he got behind the privacy fence. It’s his fault for putting his junk on public display.

  • peterluthy

    @Kieran: I agree with you @Kieran, but don’t forget, in this situation, the “Biebs” is in jail.

  • crowebobby

    We all know the police don’t arrest you for nothing. If he was arrested, he is a criminal. If he were one of the Kennedy kids, his dick would have been on the front page of the New York Times, so why not Bieber? And if the cops kick your ass while you’re in jail, you’ve no one to blame but yourself for being in there. The ACLU are a bunch of commie puppets out to destroy our great nation.


    This was just a tease for the inevitable “stolen” XXX video that will pop-up on the internets any day now……..And based on the shots of the Bieber peen out there I am kinda sorta looking forward to it! :p

  • Walker

    @crowebobby: I really hope this is satire, because if it isn’t, you are an imbecile.

  • isafakir

    apparently it seems the bieb ‘s a good little boy who washes h’s hands after. but what the hell, we’ve got pictures of his royal highness prince william peeing at a polo match so why not the royal bieb in jail on a perp walk. his royal highness unzips himself and holds it himself with a right many grip, not just two fingers, very democratically and his horse was barely able to contain his envy.

  • georgemed222

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  • I'm Black, and HiV-positive.

    @Kieru: Obtaining a urine sample for the mandatory drug test? You don’t even know. Stop lying already. There wasn’t even a cup in his hand.

  • I'm Black, and HiV-positive.

    @Vartan X.: Oh yeah? Then why was there even a “privacy fence” while they just happen to have a videocamera taping him on a pee break in the first place?


    @crowebobby: What utter nonsense. The police arrest you on suspicion (at least they do in England!). The arrested person becomes a criminal only after a jury has convicted him of a crime and the judge has passed sentence. Surely that is not too difficult a concept to understand?


    @isafakir: Heh-heh! Good one, Isafakir!

  • stanhope

    @crowebobby: two words: dumb ass

  • Daggerman

    …excuse me but I fail to see why we should believe that Justin Bieber has a large dick! I personally believe he has a very average size penis.

  • Maude


    When you’re arrested for committing an unlawful act, you are not considered ‘guilty’ but you are considered ‘under suspicion’ until you appear in court.
    ‘Under suspicion’ requires all due precaution for the possibility of dangerous self affliction…..Thus, when you are arrested, your privacy ‘rights’ are suspended until your attorney arrives, or a judge declares you innocent of all charges.

  • Maude


    Additionally, we can be held without being arrested for a period of time after we are given, and protected by our Miranda Rights…but only to the extent that we can refuse to speak to the police if we wish.

  • billywonka

    Poor Justin – must be painful to know even Selena Gomez has a bigger one.

  • OhHellNo

    There’s never really news on this site, is there?

  • StuBur

    What a waste of time that was !!!

  • Sandym70

    I’m sure it’s just a strap-on. All the fashionable lesbians are wearing them. ?

  • nmharleyrider

    Did not know Beiber even had a penis much less a big one and truly does anyone care. The guy is a whuss, hairless twink

  • crowebobby

    @BRENT: A little late with this reply, but it NEVER occurred to me ANYONE would think I was serious. Of course now that Trump us saying things like this and IS totally serious, I realize I should have followed my comment with a gigantic “WINK” emoji.

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