Video Of One Direction’s Niall Horan “Kissing A Guy” Is Definitely Niall Horan Probably Not Kissing A Guy

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.57.12 AMToss all your favorite One Direction fan fiction in the trash and get a load of this short video, which according to rabid Directioners, clearly shows 1D cutie Niall Horan “kissing a guy.”

(Simple guide for non-fans: Niall is the one who let James Corden kiss his ass. He isn’t the “family values” one, the one who peed in the bushes, or one of the two who filmed themselves smoking pot in Brazil.)

The Vine clip below has been gaining traction on social media over the last few days, eliciting a fan reaction that needed some sort of official explanation.

As you can see, it really doesn’t show Niall “kissing a guy,” but rather shows a slightly suggestive interaction between two indistinguishable men in a loud club [who are probably just yelling in each other’s ears over the live band three feet in front of them].

The video is apparently Niall Horan, though, as he tweeted confirmation in a response to the rumors last night. The guy he’s “kissing” has since been identified as 1D songwriter Julian Bunetta.

What the hell is the big deal, anyway? Don’t European men kiss each other all the time?

And because you’re already here, watch Niall take the ALS ice bucket challenge below:

Photo: Niall Horan/Twitter