Video Shows Rutgers Basketball Coach Spewing Gay Slurs, Kicking Players

A tape has surfaced depicting a Rutgers men’s basketball coach spewing gay slurs, firing balls at players’ heads, and even kicking and grabbing team members. The university invited journalists to watch a 40-minute video of Coach Mike Rice heaping abuse on his players—including calling one a “fucking fairy” and “fucking faggot”—that was complied from his first three years on the job.

It’s believed the school made the video public as damage control because it was set to air on ESPN this weekend.

The anti-gay language was “at the core of the suspension,” according to athletic director Tim Pernetti. “It absolutely concerns me. It is not acceptable.” Rice was suspended in December for three games and fined $50,000.

But Eric Murdock, former director of player development at Rutgers, say his contract wasn’t renewed because he reported Rice’s behavior. The video was actual produced by Murdock’s lawyers and he is considering legal action against the school.

Rice, meanwhile, is back at work after undergoing anger-management classes and being observed during practice by a monitor.  Pernetti, who gave Rice a vote of confidence last month, says that he’ll remain coach barring any further incidents.

We’ve never understood the strategy that prevails in male-dominated communities like team sports and the military of shouting insults to get men to perform better.  What’s that all about anyway?

It’s great that Rice won’t drop any more f-bombs during practice, but is “maggot” or “waste of space” really any better?


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  • Derek Williams

    Why do these coaches always assume that homosexuals could never be competent at sport?

  • WhyteRabbit

    @Derek Williams: probably because so few have ever done it as a part of public record. yet another good reason behind coming out. ;)

  • Kieran

    Two things likely to happen once this douchebag is fired:
    (1) He’ll slap around his wife and kids for a few days to blow off some steam.
    (2) He’ll receive an invitation to speak at an anti-gay marriage rally.

  • Alex G

    I’m really surprised that one of those 6’11” youngsters hasn’t lost it when he shoved him or otherwise abused him and knocked the shit out of that asshole bigot.

  • JohnMc888

    Is there something wrong here? Assaulting the players is OK? Rutger thinks the following statement is good PR?

    The anti-gay language was “at the core of the suspension,” according to Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti. “It absolutely concerns me. It is not acceptable.”

    Kieran is on to something. He could make big money, a la Sara Palin, getting speaking engagements for right wing events.

  • DarkZephyr

    @DOFEK: White Christians need death?

  • Texasteacher

    I just read this article on You should see the parade of homophobic slurs made in the comments thread there! Things are improving, but not as much as I sometimes think. A few points: 1. The man is at work. You don’t get to hit people or use slurs at work…or you don’t get to work there anymore. 2. The coach isn’t winning games. Why? Because you don’t inspire people to do their best with abuse. 3. It’s 2013 and once you walk out your door, everyone you see has a video camera on their phone. The least flattering thing you do/say will be recorded. 4. The man needs to chill out before he has a heart attack or stroke! Sheesh!

  • Caleb in SC

    Coach K is probably the best basketball coach alive and he never acts like that. That is old school Bobby Knight shit.

  • jwrappaport

    He’s been fired. Next stop: Liberty University!

  • Dresden

    @jwrappaport: The sadistic bigot was only suspended and fined… he still has his job. Meanwhile, the guy that reported him was let go… typical.

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