Video Surfaces Of Phil Robertson Advising Men To Marry 15-Year-Old Girls

phil_robertsonOffending blacks, gays and Asians wasn’t enough to get Phil Robertson kicked off of A&E for more than nine days. Will advocating what most folks would call pedophilia lead to harsher punishment?

In a four-year-old video that has just surfaced, Robertson is seen telling an audience that men should marry girls in their teens. In fact, in their early teens.

“Look, you wait ’til they get to be 20 years old, the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket,” he says. “You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16. They’ll pick your ducks. You need to check with mom and dad about that, of course.”

Of course.

Robertson also advises the audience in choosing a potential wife to “make sure that she can cook a meal” and “make sure she carries her Bible. That’ll save you a lot of trouble down the road.”

Robertson’s comments about getting married that young aren’t exactly new. In his book, he noted that he married when he was 16 and his wife, Kay, was 15.

One nice touch from the latest controversy: Robertson was addressing the Georgia Sportsmen’s Ministry, a collection of churches that “provide opportunities for children and families to connect through hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.” What better way to connect with children than marrying them?

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  • the other Greg

    Trying to think of something funny to say, but… ewww.

  • Kieran

    Who would have thought that in 2014 America the new spokesman for the strayt American majority would be one of the hillbillies from Deliverance?

  • AuntieChrist

    These dork die nasty people are typical amoral bigoted hypocrites…Their antebellum looks and values are indicative of your garden variety pig F**ker…

  • Daniel-Reader

    The bible says working on the Sabbath is punishable by death – no exceptions (Book of Exodus). He sells his crap on the Sabbath. He’s a hypocrite. Jesus said hypocrites and pharisees will never enter heaven. He is pathetic, almost as pathetic as the people who buy his crap. It is idiotic he wants wives to carry bibles since they’d have to off their husbands who work on the Sabbath to keep the “unerring Word”. Keeping the Sabbath holy is after all one of the Ten Commandments. He and other religious nutters must not sleep very well knowing he has a “bible-believing” wife next to him at night. That’s creepy. Mature adults grow up and out of believing religious fairytales. Talk about cray-cray.

  • DShucking

    Yet we’re the sick one’s. smh

  • Charles175

    When they married she was 16 and he 20.

  • hotshot70

    no matter if she was 14 or 16. She was underage. Phil is a pedophile! This needs to get out to the REAL news media. A&E allows homophobic pedophiles on their channel!

  • Renee C. Boydston

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  • Charles175

    @hotshot70: This is why I posted the actual numbers as the age differences are greater than this article states.

  • DShucking

    Wait, I’ve been reading that she was 16 and he was 17. How the hell is 16 and 20 appropriate?

  • Darlene D. Thies

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  • jbqueernews04

    Please do not savage all Christians because of what THIS pedo believes. All he means by this sermon is – he is trying to encourage other hilljacks to get married to women [girls] before they are old enough to fully realize what a pointy headed cretin, and what an incredibly poor choice for a husband, guys like himself are, and how their young lives would be incredibly limited in almost every way from the get go….THAT is his only real motivation here. Is this not painfully painfully painfully obvious? If somebody that looks like Robertson strode up to his own front porch and asked him if his daughter was available for their date, he would probably shoot him like a duck right there………….

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