UPDATE: Lynching Video Features A Thief, Not A Gay Man

UPDATE: After having a native Nigerian review the footage and listen to the dialogue, LGBT-rights blogger Paul Canning has confirmed the victim in the video is being tortured for an alleged act of thievery not for any perceived homosexuality, as some blogs had initially posted.

Of course, this in no way lessons the horror of the situation.


A disturbing video began circulating on the Web this week that depicts a mob viciously attacking a man and setting him on fire. Several sites indicated he was attacked because he was gay although Paul Canning, who blogs about LGBT rights in Africa, claims his sources tell him it was because the man was a thief.

While there’s no information on who took the video or where the incident is taking place, we traced the clip back to a site called WorldStarUnCut.com, which labeled it “They Did This To Him Because He Was Gay.”

After much deliberation we decided to post the clip because it is part of an ongoing news story. Obviously whether this poor man was gay or not, or a thief or not, no one deserves such a cruel and torturous death.

The full clip is on the next page. Be warned that it depicts scenes of graphic violence and torture.