Gay Wedding Bells

Video: Watch The UK’s First Gay Wedding Ceremony

gay wedding 1One of the UK’s first gay married couples, Sinclair Treadway, 20, and Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 31, have released a video of their marriage ceremony.

The wedding took place at 00:01 today (GMT local time) at Camden Town Hall, North London.

Queerty were the first to break the news with a speech from openly gay Mayor of Camden, Jonathan Simpson.

For the first time in the UK, we heard the words:

“I can confirm that history has been made, and that you are now husband, and husband, together.”

The video below shows the main parts of the ceremony, including the crucial first kiss as a married couple.

It also includes an interview with the couple shortly after their marriage, where they talk about their feelings. “It’s just really surreal and amazing,” said Sean Adl-Tabatabai.