VIDEO: Why Is Comedian Kevin Hart So Scared Of Gay Jokes?

Comedian Kevin Hart seems to have sworn off of gay jokes, and we kind of feel sorry for him. He sounds like he’s kind of scared of us! We just want to give him a big hug. (No homo.)

In a Reddit AMA this week, he was terse. Someone asked why he said he wouldn’t joke about LGBTs anymore, and he replied: “It’s just a sensitive topic and I respect people of all orientations. So, it’s just best left alone.”

Uh huh. Yes, it must be easy to “just leave alone” the topic of gays when you are straight. Enjoy your heterosexual privilege!

This awkward position seems to be fallout from a joke he made awhile back about not wanting his son to be gay. You can watch it above. “One of my biggest fears is my son growing up and being gay. … Keep in mind I’m not homophobic. … But me being a heterosexual male, if I can prevent my son being gay, I will.”

We are willing to take Hart at his word that he doesn’t consider himself homophobic! He’s no Larry Craig or Ted Haggard or Aaron Schock, passing legislation that actively harms the gay community.

But just like it’s possible to be casually racist without meaning it (eg, picturing a black person in your head when you hear the word “thug”), Hart’s bit was casually homophobic.

And of course, acting like we don’t exist isn’t much better than making jokes at our expense. We’d much rather hear the jokes said out loud than imagine what he must be thinking about us in his head. And self-censorship isn’t cool. We’re a little disappointed that he seems to just be giving up on the topic altogether, rather than getting to a better understanding of why it’s problematic to say “I’m not homophobic but…”

So now he’s refusing to talk about gay people altogether. Did someone intimidate him? Or just point out that he was being an asshole? Is this Hart’s final decision on the subject, or is he on a journey towards a better understanding of what gayness is? Saying something like “prevent my son being gay” seems to indicate that he just didn’t understand what he was talking about, so maybe now he’s learning.

After all, it could be a lot worse:

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  • Black Pegasus

    He’s leaving it alone because he realizes his earning potential can be at stake. Of course this is a smart decision for all the obviously reasons, but it won’t change the fact that he’s not funny.

  • AuntieChrist


  • Kidomega123

    This article is dumb. NEXT please!

  • Daveliam

    I’m legitimately confused by this article. So if Kevin Hart makes questionable comments in his act, that’s a problem. But if, after having it pointed out that it was a problem, he chooses to not include gay jokes in his act, that’s ALSO a problem?

    I don’t need every comedian making gay jokes, especially if they aren’t comfortable with it. In fact, I’d PREFER for most comedians, except those who are familiar with “gay culture”, to NOT make gay jokes. What exactly are we asking him to do? Become familiar with “gay culture” just so that he can include gay content in his act? What’s the point of that?

  • Pistolo

    @Daveliam: Queerty’s issue with Kevin Haart is that he’s cowering after making a sh-tty remark to avoid well-deserved controversy or scrutiny. Instead of defending or apologizing for what he said, he’s just going to ignore LGBT stuff indiscriminately. I agree with them. He’s scummy.

    Little Kevin Hart, like many men, fancy themselves uber masculine. It’s usually men who could be taken out with one stomp and have ZERO character that feel this way though. They have to subject their sons to it and it’s just a legacy of faux brutism that goes NO WHERE and means NOTHING.

    He better hope he doesn’t run into any gay men tying their shoes in public, it’ll be the only way you could notice that Piaf-sized twit.

  • crowebobby

    I’ll be interesting to see how he explains all this when he finally comes out or is dragged out by someone else.

  • LAman

    I understand why Kevin Hart would rather leave the LGBT jokes alone. Like many other people (myself included), Hart probably grew up in a somewhat homophobic environment, and that could affect someone for a long time. I came out a year ago, and I’m still not completely comfortable talking about homosexuality with everyone. I believe Hart doesn’t mean harm by his comment, he just doesn’t think it’s his place to joke about LGBT people.

  • Teleny

    @LAman: every social group their own comedian. When one of the group makes jokes about her/his group, it’s easier to be appropriately funny,

  • zappa123

    I think he is clearly homophobic though he doesn’t mean to be – was obviously not raised to know better and is not interested in learning as an adult which is a shame. However, this idea of ‘now he WON’T make gay jokes’ as an accuasation of some wrong doing? No. If he knows he has said things which hurt others and chooses to say nothing I call that plain smart. As for the Eddie Murphy clip from raw? I love that clip! He is hysterical! Why do I not find him offensive? For the same reason ppl are ‘complaining’ that this Kevin Hart is not making gay jokes. Eddie screws with every one equally including LGBT folks! Humour is humour and he leaves nobody out. I don’t find that clip offensive at all.

  • ChiChi Man

    Whatev. So he didn’t go to GLAAD and do scores of PSAs. He’s not making jokes at our expense so that’s a win. This is another pointless Queerty post.

    There are so many actual news items out there – why waste resources on a non-story?

  • LadyL

    What, is Queerty plugging Kevin Hart movies now?

  • LadyLady

    Confusing article Queerty. You have a concern with a comedian who DOES NOT have gay jokes in his arsenal???? Was someone in the cups when this got approved?

  • sangsue

    I don’t get it. You bitch at him for making homophobic comments and jokes. Now he doesn’t and you’re pissed about that? Queerty, it would help your case if you were clearer about your intentions.

  • TheMarc

    This site is riddled with outrage-aholics and petty, juvenile hacks. If you’re not over reacting to something (case and point), you’re obsessing over homophobes…who are sexy. Ya know why he doesn’t do them? Because too many people are ready to loose their mind over innocent jokes. I’m not talking about Tracy Morgan’s unfunny, violent tirade. I’m talking about jokes. God forbid someone affect a lisp when pretending to be a gay man. GLAAD will demand their heads on a pike. Ya know the great thing about humor and society? We’re all ripe for parody. Black, white, gay, straight. One of the things that lead to what cohesion exists is that most groups take in stride and give it right back as good as they get it. What’s next we threaten to kill a cartoonist who draws an image of Ru Paul?

    I rarely even comment on some of the stuff hear because lo and behold, I’ll be accused at being a shill for the target of the article or a closeted homophobe because I’m not quite ready to declare full scale war because Katie Couric is not an expert in transgender etiquette.

    We’re fast becoming the kid no one invites to the party. Oh, no one will ever make fun of us; but that’s because they’ll be forced to ignore us for fear of being called something they are not.

    But this article by far is one of the most terribly written and schizophrenic of all the pieces I’ve seen here. Attacking him for not attacking??!! Oh he must be a homophobe since he won’t say anything homophobic??!! Get therapy…today!

  • Trent T

    In my opinion, one of the best things about gays was that we could laugh at ourselves. We have always taken our oppression, but not used it to go to a dark place. Instead we focused on the good and joked about it. Too many gays these days cannot take a joke or have been come bitter gays who are against almost everything. I would steer away as well, just to avoid the drama.

  • TheMarc

    @Pistolo: Wow…just wow. I’ve never seen someone get so angry over a non-comment. Did he attack the gay community with his statement? Did he reinforce an offensive stereotype about the gay community? No. But that doesn’t matter does it? Even the slightest hint by some hack writer that he might be homophobic and you let the dogs out of the kennel. YOU and your type are the exact reason why he doesn’t do gay jokes. You can’t wait to over react to EVERYTHING. Every day is most likely another day at war with everybody for you.

    What I would love to hear is one coherent suggestion about what he SHOULD have said. What could he have said that would make you happy when he was asked that question?

  • Freddie27

    I watched the video, and frankly found it hilarious. I can’t bear this sort of prudish, humourless censorship. Also, how does no-one understand that Kevin Hart is satirising the father’s ridiculous attempts to pre-empt his son’s homosexuality, not the son at all? We’re all laughing at the homophobic father, not the son, gay or not. Jeez, people need to relax.

  • jwtraveler

    And what are all those gangsta-wannabees with their asses hanging out of their jeans waiting for? Can’t wait to get to prison to get some brutha-love?

  • xonod

    Another absurd article. This is how straight parebnts feel and mostly because they want to protect there kids from the obvious hardships of being gay (and also a little because they don’t realize they can’t prevent of change anything). Nothing is wrong with this particular joke. We should use it at a moment for understanding. And instead of attacking him as a homophobe or a heterosexual oppressor maybe we should use this oppurtunity to educate and inform the public. Jokes are funny because they are true. And everything he said was true.

  • AEH

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • KDub

    So a hetero comedian decides to ban gay jokes from his acts because he thinks the topic is too sensitive…and you guys STILL managed to find a problem in that! LOL

  • crowebobby

    @crowebobby: I meant Eddy Murphy not Kevin Hart.

  • Kangol

    Look, he may be homophobic, but he has stopped the homophobic jokes (publicly), so what is the big deal? If he isn’t sure he can’t control himself, stay away from the gay jokes. Just don’t go there. Don’t.

    As far as sensitivity goes, anti-gay rhetoric and discourse isn’t just a laughing matter, it accompanies violence against gay people. Gays, bisexuals and transgender people are attacked and murdered every day all over the globe, often with anti-gay, homophobic slurs included as part of the attacks. So laughing AT gay people and threatening violence, as Kevin Hart did concerning his son, isn’t cool under any circumstances, and it goes far beyond being “sensitive.”

    Another one who should just shut up mentioning gay people publicly is Alec Baldwin. He can’t control himself. He gets upset and spews homophobic slurs. Just shut the f(ck up, Alec Baldwin! And get help, because your homophobic attitudes are obviously so deep you can’t control them when you get angry.

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