VIDEOS: Antigay Creep Freaks Out Over Gay Kisses on TV

Kurt-and-Blaine-kiss-glee-32939897-331-265It’s not exactly Earth-shattering news whenever Peter LaBarbara says something crazy. The weirdo’s been foaming at the mouth about homosex for years. But his latest nutty claims are kind of fun, and more importantly, give us an excuse to post some adorable/sexy videos.

Speaking with the American Family Association, LaBarbara praised the Duck Dynasty guy, because apparently we’re still talking about him.

But he also had this to say, with emphasis ours:

But look at where we are now, you have programs like Glee where you have young men with romantic kisses on TV, I just learned that the Rose Bowl parade is going to have a homosexual so-called marriage float, all of those little kids are going to be seeing two men or two women or whatever it is getting married so-called and it’s going to infect their minds and corrupt those young minds.

Ha ha, “whatever it is,” what a great way to talk about a fellow human being, Jesus would be so proud.

And then there’s this:

I was in Jamaica just a couple of weeks ago, we’re spreading immorality around the world, we’re exporting homosexuality now to these little countries like Jamaica using our foreign aid dollars.

Rrrrrrriiiiiight … so, the theory here is what, that our foreign aid dollars have gay germs on them that turn Jamaicans gay? And while we know that you consider our love to be immoral, it seems like what’s actually happening in Jamaica is a lot worse. In 2012, The Jamaican Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays reported:

…serious human rights abuses, including assault with deadly weapons, ‘corrective rape’ of women accused of being lesbians, arbitrary detention, mob attacks, stabbings, harassment of gay and lesbian patients by hospital and prison staff, and targeted shootings of such persons. Police often did not investigate such incidents.

But anyway, let’s go back to Glee for a minute. (It’s cute that he thinks anyone is still watching that show.) Yes, it’s true that seeing gay couples on television can help get the American public used to the idea that we exist and we are harmless. “Infect their minds” is perhaps a more histrionic way of putting it, but sure, awareness is very important.

So, just to be clear what kind of terrible, horrible, no-good evil the gays are up to, let’s take a look at some of our favorite gay TV kisses. Please let us know how these are worse than what is being done to LGBTs in Jamaica right now.