VIDEOS: Our Favorite Gay Men’s Chorus Videos

What is there to say about gay men’s choruses, other than that they are great?

Yes, yes, as descriptors go, the term “gay men’s chorus” is highly problematic (why exclude Ls, Bs, and Ts from the name? Or straight allies, for that matter?) but in practice such choruses are otherwise welcoming of anyone who wants to join. And just look at the lovely work they do! We’ve compiled a handful of our very favorite videos below, starting with the latest from the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.

The GMCLA have a concert coming up next weekend (December 14th and 15th in Glendale, tickets here), and we expect all Angelinos to be there with bells on. Perhaps literally.

If that video looks familiar, it’s because it’s a spoof of the ever-so-slightly-butcher Kmart commercial:

Mmm, those thighs. Just take a moment to drink them in. Speaking of drinks, here’s the Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus singing Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Of course the gayest chorus is in San Francisco. Or is it? To hear them tell it, they’re not gay at all.

But you really don’t have to be gay to enjoy music and theater. It’s not just for gays anymore, as the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus informs us.

Will you forgive us if we use another GMCLA video? We’re suckers for this rendition of Cell Block Tango. But oh geez guys, who dressed you in those just-got-attacked-by-a-shark tank tops?

Oh man, now that we’re on a musical theater kick there’s no stopping now. Patti LaBelle doing an Oscar Hammerstein medley? Oh internet, yesssssssss.

Okay, we are not over the moon for these particular songs, but we’re willing to give the Seattle Gay Men’s Chorus a pass for their inventive staging, by which we mean sexiness.

Here’s the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus doing what may be the most adorable version of It’s Raining Men ever conceived.

We love everything about this I’m Mister Heat Miser from the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus: the weird Rankin-Bass nostalgia, the homemade-looking costume, the lecherous look on the cartoon Santa, the UNBELIEVABLY Ed-Wynned Snow Miser. Oh, Ohio.

Here’s the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Battle Hymn of the Republic. Nice work, girls.

Okay, this post could easily go on for ever, so we’re going to have to wrap it up before we spend all day in a YouTube hole. Here’s some of the best things that happened in the 80s, from the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus.

And just for perspective, here’s what straight people think a chorus is. Maybe it’s for the best that we don’t include them.

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  • Scribe38

    I am so hiring that old people choir for my wedding.

  • balehead

    Just more cliches….

  • hephaestion

    These were lame selections, hardly the best. And why are straight choirs included? I’ve seen loads of brilliant performances by the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus, the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus, the London Gay Men’s Chorus, and the Seattle Men’s Chorus that are 100 times better than the clips shown here.

  • yaoming

    cliches is right – which is why I’m embarrassed by these things… conforming to every gay stereotype.

  • Jim Hlavac

    LB&T are excluded from the name of “Gay Men’s Chorus” because there are no LB&T people in them. Now, I’m sure L, B & T could form their own choruses — as either all L or all B or all T — and do a fine job – or perhaps they’ll form the LBT Chorus of Wherever and also do a fine job;; God bless, good luck. But when 100% of the guys in the choruses are gay – why must we include LBT in the name? Why not just add say, Christian Heteros. Then we have have the LGBTCHIQA chorus – made up of gay men. Everyone gets the credit, and we do the work!

    You know — I go to gay bars — where there are no LBT folks — so am I now to call it an LGBT bar to be politically correct?

    Meanwhile, here at Queerty — and while I haven’t quite taken a complete census of the commentators — I see that it’s Gay Guys commenting over 90% of the time, approaching 95%. Just like it is at all the major LGBTIAQ websites — seems just gay men comment – perhaps the rest are busy, or have their own websites I never heard of.

    Perhaps, even, the whole concept of this “community” is a bunch of hogwash — and it really is very different groups of people who have nothing to do with each other except for some politically correct hogwash.

    (As for the stereotypes — nothing so pleases heteros as the sissy boy mincing gay stereotype – they find those guys as cute as bunnies — which is why the Gay Men’s Choruses attract hetero crowds — sissies are harmless. Give the customer what they want.)

  • cosettaxfc735

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