Does "Less Attractive" Wife Mean Gay?

‘View’-Ing “Homo” Hugh’s Wife

It’s good to know that The View hasn’t lost all its snark in former co-host Rosie O’Donnell‘s departure.

Joy Behar and Barbara Walters spent a little minute today discussing whether or not Hugh Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness and her pedestrian good looks intimate his homosexuality.

Transcript via AfterElton:

Joy: What happens when a beautiful man marries a sort of unattractive woman? Then you have dilemma. People will really talk. They think he’s gay. This is what happens.

Barbara Walters: Really?

Joy: Oh, yeah. I was reading in the article that we’re reading that Hugh Jackman, who is a very handsome guy, people always thing he’s gay because his wife looks like the rest of us.

Barbara: That’s not true. First of all, his wife is very attractive. I think people–

Joy: Not in his level. He’s like Sex Man.

Woof, that’s some rough shit.

Walters goes on to suggest maybe people think Jackman’s a puffta because of his Tony Award-winng role as gay showman, Peter Allen. She then makes the effort to assure viewers that the equally beautiful couple’s happy as pigs in shit. Well, she didn’t use those words. She used these, “She’s very good looking and it’s a very good marriage.” Babs needs to run for president.
AfterElton, meanwhile, reminds readers that Jackman’s relationship with his assistant, John Palermo, seems a bit queer:

I’ve heard both reasons given by folks who think Jackman is really gay, though it’s usually gay men who offer up the “unattractive wife” theory and silly straight folks who think playing gay means you really are gay. Jackman is usually linked to his longtime assistant John Palermo with whom he and Jackman’s wife had started a production company. As evidence, folks frequently cite the fact that Jackman and Palermo reportedly exchanged rings engraved with the word unity, but according to Wikipedia, Furness also received a ring and it was to celebrate their company.

Wikipedia, the final word on gay gossip.

To the right you’ll see a picture of an excited Palermo celebrating Jackman’s Emmy win. Jackman also thanked Palermo in his speech, according to Defamer. Unity. Hollywood style.