Vince Vaughn Is Thrilled Homophobic Humor Is Alive And Well In His Movie

It’s not often you’ll see an actor disagree with his director in public. Even Zach Galifianakis was cautious to bash The Hangover 2‘s temporary decision to give Mel Gibson a cameo. But that’s not why Vince Vaughn is agreeing with The Dilemma‘s Ron Howard about keeping the “electric cars are gay” joke in the film. It’s because Vaughn is just the type of guy you’d expect to be completely at ease with bullying.

“I’m glad to hear it’s staying the movie,” Vaughn told the Q100 Bert Radio Show yesterday. “It wasn’t a derogatory term…We clarified within the joke [that it was] not ‘homosexual-gay’ but, you know, your parents are chaperoning a dance.” Moreover, “the point” of comedy” is to push buttons, he says: “We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. If there’s tensions there, ultimately, it brings us together, it makes us more comfortable.”

But Vaughn says he is fine with Universal pulling the line from the trailer: “With all the things that were happening at the time, Universal was trying to be respectful of the climate.”

Except “the climate” hasn’t changed. Kids are still being bullied. Every day. And they’re still killing themselves. A lot. Mr. Vaughn fails to see that using a word like “gay” as a slur against a group of people is the reason why it is also used as a put-down — because to be gay is a sign of weakness and negativity and pussification (I’m choosing a word I think Vince would understand).

Nothing about this situation “makes us more comfortable,” aside from it making me more comfortable in having a reason not to see one of Vaughn’s terrible movies.

Stop Interfering With Vince Vaughn’s Right To Tell Stupid, Awful, Unfunny Jokes