Violent Spike.

Things aren’t looking so good in the Eastern European nation of Belarus, where there have been at least seven anti-gay attacks over the past few weeks. Many of the attacks have involved gangs of multiple men, including skin heads. Most of the victims refused to go to the police and echoed the same sentiment: “it would be a waste of time.” Here you see a picture of activist Edward Tarletski, who has been attacked three times in four years. [UK Gay News]

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  • fredo777

    Fuckin’ disgusting.

  • Shabaka

    F*ck this $hit!! Pardon my french, QUEERTY, but Western nations need tougher laws concerning these so called developed countries( not even sure Belarus qualifies as one). The link provides an eye opener as to how authorities handle gay bashing incidents. They basically side with the attackers. Unbe-f*cking-lievable!! So, there goes your “theory”, BEELZEBAB!

  • beelzebab

    What theory is that Shabaka???

    Would that be the theory that the effniks all other the world enjoy kicking shit of gays?

    Or would it be the theory that the religiously afflicted effnik minorities love kicking the shit out of gays?

    That theory still stands up to rigorous scrutiny methinks – cos the evidence I can provide is pages long. Also on today’s Queerty yet more evidence of some muslim savage queerbashing
    Take a peek.

    Then there are our wonderful effs here in the UK and attacks by our muslim brethren on gays in Amsterdam, the black africans about to split the anglican church cos they demand the right to continue to bash gays.

    I rest my case your honour.

    But back to Belarus – there is certainly a big problem with the russians and its satellite states. Belarus, to quote the BBC “In early 2005, Belarus was listed by the US as Europe’s only remaining “outpost of tyranny”.”

    Belarus is a backward little shithole. The EU has no power over it because it is neither a member nor, as far as I know, applying for membership of the EU. If it were the EU could exert pressure.

    So, I guess, we just have to keep fighting for gay rights there. At least they are at least (vaguely) European and rational though, so there is hope.

  • CitizenGeek

    Belarus is a total mess. I wish they were applying for membership, so that, like beelzebab said, the EU could exert pressure. Although my trust in the EU’s commitment to protecting it’s gay citizens has been somewhat undermined by the some Balkan states brazenly going against EU directives to make sexual orientation (and, bizarrely, disability) part of their anti-discrimination codes and facing little protest from Brussels.

  • Shabaka

    “At least they are at least (vaguely) European and rational though, so there is hope.”

    See, BEELZEBAB, you know precisely what I was referring to!! Vaguely European? I’m beginning to doubt that EVEN YOU take yourself seriously.

  • RPCV

    Well, unfortunately, some people reside under repressive regimes. The queers should stay at home and flit around there, or act like men when they go in public.

  • tallskin


    honeypie, I think you have a big Oar up your crack. Take it out and you will feel a hell of a lot better.

  • Shabaka

    Whatever shortskin!!

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