Sour Note

Viral Star Andrew Caldwell Is Releasing Music, Hopes Beyonce Doesn’t Steal It


A few years after Andrew Caldwell was “delivert” from being gay, he’s going to deliver us some music in just a few weeks! Oh, joy.

The life cycle of this viral video “star” (seen above giving his haters the kiss-off) has been a strange one. After being “delivert” and going viral, he dropped a single, claimed to have a secret relationship with former NFL-er Kordell Stewart, was allegedly gay-bashed, and finally admitted that he still may have “desires” about men.

Now that you’re all caught up on Caldwell, now onto the music!

Caldwell has some pretty high hopes for his new single, and calls himself the “new Kevin Hart and LeBron James.” While we have no clue what a comedian and a sports star have to do with music, he promises it’ll be “all acrossssssss the internetttttt.” Well that is if Beyonce doesn’t steal it, which Caldwell is praying she doesn’t…

Speaking of ‘Yonce, if you couldn’t get tickets to the tour, now you know what to do with those spare coins you’ve got lying around now.

Watch Caldwell’s announcement below. Oh, and…you’re welcome.