Viral Video Sensation Andrew Caldwell Admits “I Still Have Desires” About Mens

10978651_779123832157520_3878412677644536110_n-360x240You may remember Andrew Caldwell from the viral video released last November in which he testified before a roomful of hundreds people that he had been delivered from homosexuality.

“I’m not gay no more!” the 21-year-old hollered over a gospel choir. “I am delivered! I DON’T LIKE MENS NO MORE!”

Now, the 21-year-old deliveree says he’d like the put that whole embarrassing incident behind him.

“I did not want to go viral,” Caldwell said in a new interview with NBC12. “I did not expect that to go viral. I did not want to get up there and just say anything and look crazy in front of thousands of people. I went up there because I needed prayer that day. I needed so much prayer.”

Caldwell says that his bombastic response was the result of feeling pressured by others on stage. He claims that the person who spoke right before him called gay people “sissies” and suggested they should “bleed from their butts.”

“They think that they can preach the homosexuals away in the Church of God in Christ,” said Caldwell. “And you can’t.”

When asked if he had been “delivered on the spot,” he replied: “I still have desires.”

He also said he has regrets.

“My life has been in danger,” he explained, referring to an incident last week when he claims he was attacked in a mall parking lot by two unidentified men.

“I feel that, if I was delivered, God should deliver me more,” Caldwell said. “But I know it takes a process. But I think it is going a little bit slow. I want God to work on my mannerisms. I want God to stop the switching…talking like a woman.”

“Continue to pray for me,” he pleaded. “Because I am going through a lot each and every day.”

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