Vivacious Releases "Pride EP" with Brandon Morales

Vivacious has just announced via Twitter the release of “Pride EP”, a four song EP, available on iTunes. The four songs on the EP are titled “Fierce and Gorgeious”, “Bling It”, “Pride” and “You Didn’t See Me Coming”. The iTunes customer reviews are already positive, especially this one from user Ryan Ramirez:

[quote]I’m so glad this fabulous EP is finally available to purchase on iTunes after a few weeks of being only available “elsewhere”. We need the fierce beats in our CLOUDS, hunty!!! And now we can have the fabulous inspirational words of the glorious, one-and-only NYC nightlife queen Ms. Vivacious everywhere we go!!! The whole EP will keep you moving and living for each sickning beat by the son of royalty himself Mr. Brandon Morales. His legendary father taught him well and right!!! Beats to the gods!!! This is a MUST HAVE in any house aficionado’s collection!!! House music will Never die!!![/quote]

Do you plan to purchase this EP or have you already? If so, let us know what you think about it in the comments below: is it a must-have or are the song boogers?

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