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Vivica A. Fox Got Teased For Being Ridiculously Successful

I’m not sure how I feel about Vivica A. Fox’s It Gets Better video. Which makes me feel funny, because I love me some Vivica A. Fox! Her message to teens is, at its core, that it’s okay to be different and find your own path to success. But when I first watched it — where she says she was teased for shooting straight-to-DVD movies, starring in a reality show, acting on the theater stage — I was all, “Uh, can you stop talking about how successful you’ve been and how easy it was for you to make your millions?” And then I realized, hey, this actually is a great message, because here is a woman who is making her millions by taking the road less traveled. But to be fair, that Cougar dating reality show was awful, and Glam God wasn’t much better. And you were almost the face of the Psychic Friends Network before backing out. Girl, you shoulda been dogged on for all that! [via]