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Vivica A. Fox apologizes for strip club comment, says gays are okay after all

Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox was on the receiving end of quite the backlash for saying gay men were not welcome at her male strip club, featured in her Lifetime reality show “Black Magic,” in an interview on the radio show “The Breakfast Club.”

“Hell no,” was her answer when asked about gay men showing up at her club, leaving no doubt where she stood. “Back all that up. No! No!”

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When asked why the dancers couldn’t also dance for men she said, “Because there’s no need to.”

“They dance for women,” she explained. “It’s called the ultimate girl’s night out for a reason.”

When called out on social media, she at first doubled-down and accused people of trying to “steal her sunshine” for “doing an interview.” Umm, no, it was for saying stupid shit in said interview.

Fox has at long last decided she should apologize, doing so with a comment on Instagram, where she describes herself as a longtime friend and supporter of the LGBTQ community.

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“My intention was not to offend anyone and I’m woman enough to apologize if you felt that way,” she continued. “My show has already been taped and I was just doing something for the ladies but all are welcome to enjoy Vivica’s Black Magic Show! It’s HAWT…I’m all about LOVE not HATE dawling! Have a blessed day.”

Something tells us her show won’t exactly be a hit with the queer crowd after she threw out all that shade.

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  • Xzamilloh

    Here’s the weird thing… this was much ado about nothing, because I guarantee the same ones claiming they were offended are the same ones who never had any intentions of going to her strip club anyway, before or after her remarks. I personally would not want to go a straight club because the attitude and atmosphere in there is much different than gay strip clubs and clubs for gay people. I don’t for a second think Vivica Fox is homophobic and see this as absolute nonsense. Besides, if you can feature a Kevin Hart instagram post every other weekend on your social media eye candy edition (still trying to figure the reason for his presence) after some of the things he has said, what is the problem with Vivica wanting a space for females to get down?

    Everybody deserves their own space until that space excludes me, then it’s a problem. Nope, this is nothing, Had time to reflect and I go back to my previous state of not caring.

  • Xzamilloh

    Also, the shit looks low budget and gross and will be canceled sooner rather than later.

  • Jack Meoff

    @Xzamilloh: I think most people were more upset by the way she said what she said rather than her wanting to have a women only space. If she had expressed her POV in a more positive way instead of going into a total negative tail spin about it I doubt she would have copped the flack she has.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    sure she’s going to apologize for what she said because, in the end, it’ll keep out paying customers and that’s what’s most important…$$$$$$$$$$.

  • jcleroy1982

    To clarify: she has apologized “if” people were offended, and said gay audiences are invited to watch the show but not attend the live shows, which is what she was in trouble for saying in the first place. So, nothing new here.

  • Michael

    @ jcleroy1982 Exactly! She said it was ok to watch, not to attend. It’s all word play and she apologized because of the back lash.

  • Kieran

    I predicted she’d apologize once she managed to pull her big stinky foot out her mouth.

    Good girl Viv. Now go to your room.

  • kce30

    @JackMeoff i agree with you

  • He BGB

    Girlfriend, this is such a gay idea! What did you expect?

  • bobbyjoe

    In other words, Lifetime– which has been advertising Vivica’s show majorly on shows with a major gay audience like Project Runway– just called her into their office and read her the riot act. Essentially, Vivica just caused Lifetime to pour a lot of advertising bucks right down the drain, undercutting their attempts to get people other than straight women to check out this show. She was probably ordered to write that “apology,” but it’s too late, and she’s already done the damage.

  • ass eater

    she’s only sorry that she has to apologize for what she feels. her beliefs are still the same.

  • dean089

    @ass eater: That’s all anyone ever does. They’re sorry they got caught, not for whatever they did.

  • Me2

    @bobbyjoe: I totally agree with your assessment. I, for one, was not offended in the least bit and never had any intention of watching this show. But from a marketing perspective, the network has to appear to be all inclusive, which is why she’s apologizing.

  • Brian

    Women don’t like having male homosexual desire in their presence. It dis-empowers them.

    Women’s dislike for male homosexual desire is most pronounced when it is associated with men who swing both ways. It is least pronounced in association with men who only swing to men.

  • jorgecruz

    Here is my issue- I hate seeing straight women in gay strip clubs like swinging richards etc. Mostly because the gay for pay strippers will always try and prove how straight they are by constantly approaching the women. And I don’t like being with straight women in gay strip clubs because I am more likely to be embarassed by my behavior in front of someones mom or sister than I am in front of a bunch of other horny gay guys. So I don’t have a problem with her troop being for women only in their shows. Some straight men don’t want to perform this type of work for gay men.
    I do have a problem with her pandering to her audience on that radio show- this is why you end up with downlow black men. This “oh hell no, big muscular black men can’t be gay and are too masculine to dance for gay dudes” attitude.
    And has she really been a friend of the LGBTQ community? What has she done? The way that she has gone after 50cent by proclaiming he is gay because of a pose he had on a magazine with another guy- that is just feeding in to stereotypes. And she definitely wasn’t trying to complement him when she said it. It was very obvious that she was trying to diminish him. That is no friend to me and honestly I am ready for her thirsty old ass to go away.

  • Kangol

    Um, not sure all of her strippers, let alone the men she’s been, with, are straight. She’s now backtracking because of the b(l)acklash. I get the aim of the show and her revue, but seriously, she could have stated it better. She was very categorical, and homophobic, and this isn’t the first time, though like so many women she’s also all up under openly gay men half the time. Hell, the outfit designer for her strippers is a trans person!

    (On another note, glad to see that in the photo above she has gorgeous Steven Beck and Jonathan “Heat” Martínez behind her. Her producer, or whoever picked these particular Kings, has very good taste. Dáme el calor, papis!)

  • Aromaeus

    Women are allowed to have women only spaces and I will always defend that right. However her phrasing when asked about it initially was way off the mark and I think that’s what really hurt her. A simple “it’s a space just for the ladies but my gay guys are welcome to tune in when it airs” would have been simple and to the point and not as tone deaf.

  • TroisBoi

    Bitch, please! Your apology is WEAK! I will never understand people who scream about be prejudiced against and then they do it to other groups. This includes my own so calm down.

  • oilburner

    Y’all leave Vernita Green alone.

  • stanhope

    Too late nasty man ass eating bitch. Your “career” was never much and now cow, it will be even less.

  • Mike

    What gay man wants to go to a strip club with a bunch of women anyway?!

  • Patsy Stoned 75

    I’d rather set my hair on fire, than waste my time around people like that. She can take her unnaturally large, smooth forehead & DL man, & go home.
    We all know what she’s afraid of.

  • fur_hunter

    You know, Donna Summer tried to recant, after her huge mistake back in the day, but it didn’t work. Gays burned her record albums in the street and refused to go to any of her concerts. One gay guy said it. “*itch, we made you. We will take you down.” She virtually disappeared from the music scene. Maybe the gays of today are more kind. GRIN!

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