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Vladimir Putin + Dmitry Medvedev Are the Oprah + Gayle of Russia

Dmitry Medvedev, the president of Russia, is not in a gay relationship with predecessor Vladimir Putin — something Putin was given the chance to clear up when an Italian reporter asked about his political marriage. “Mr. Medvedev and I are people of a traditional orientation,” says Putin. “I can tell you this with complete certainty. As for marital unions, you have exaggerated a bit. But we are friends, friends for many years, I have already said this. And the way that we have arranged our work today — it seems to me, we can be proud of this.” It’s like: Can’t a dude hug another dude without everyone thinking they’re all gay for each other? No, not on this website. [NYT]

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  • counterpoll

    Bravo Queerty! Whoever wrote this post should get a raise or more stock options or a very nice lunch with wine, dessert, and cute waiters!
    Fun post on a dreary Tuesday. Thanks!

    Just the thought of these two gents knocking boots is enough to make me very glad they are of a “traditional orientation.” (To be frank, I feel the same about Oprah and Gayle, too)

  • Isaiah

    Dmitry is definitely the bottom.

  • ossurworld

    The Lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • Erick

    I think its kind of interesting that as a reaction to a clearly political analogy his mind would go there. Something in your mind Vlady?


    Think they might be russian into something??? :-p

  • jeffree

    Having over-night “work sessions” in Kremlin seems kinda romantic doesnt it?

    The Russian skinhead movement has terrorized the lgb movement. Violence, threats, etc go unreported & unpunished, so I’ve been told by my fave (gay) Russian bartender who stays in touch with family & friends. Says things are bad in Ukraine also.

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