Vladimir Putin Turns Up His Nose At Elton John’s Request To Meet

gay putinOf all the insane, rotten things that living butt plug Vladimir Putin has done, the worst might be that he is apparently being quite rude to Sir Elton John.

Elton has long said that he would like to meet with Putin to talk about his barbaric record on human rights for Russian LGBTs. But Putin has so far pretended that he has nothing to discuss.

He recently told Sky News that he was going to try to meet with Putin while there for a concert.

But here’s what Putin’s office told reporters, “We have not had a request for a meeting from him… So no meeting is happening. At this point, we have nothing more to say.”

Even if that’s true — and you can trust Putin’s office just about as far as you can throw them — what do they expect, an engraved invitation? They know Elton wants to talk. At this point, refusing to hold a meeting is squarely on their shoulders.