VOTE: D.C. Stoli Guy Finalist Clif Is A Young Activist On The Frontline Of LGBT Equality

large_44Meet Clif, the Stoli Guy finalist from Washington, D.C.

At the local event, Clif proved his spontaneity by quickly jumping onstage and taking home the local title. Do you think The Most Original Stoli Guy should be involved in LGBT activism and politics? Then vote for Clif. The winner will get a chance to become Stoli’s national LGBT ambassador, appear in an Andrew Christian and win a dream vacation in Key West.

Queerty got to chat exclusively with Clif about his commitment to activism and how he still can’t believe how far he’s gone in this competition.

How did your family react when you were crowned The Most Original Stoli Guy in your hometown?

My friends and family were, of course, excited and happy for me, but pretty much as surprised as I was. I’m still like… did that really happen?

Being Stoli’s national LGBT ambassador is an exciting job. Why do you think you’d be the best for it?

In D.C. I’ve learned to become more conscientious of the problems that directly affect me and the LGBT community: marriage equality, bullying, and AIDS prevention and awareness. I worked for HRC in D.C. and was on the front lines campaigning for the Matthew Shepard Act and same-sex marriage before it was “legal” in any state. It was a huge eye opener for me, I realized how far we’ve come and how lucky I am; but world wide we still got a long way to go.

What’s your advice for anyone looking to become a Stoli Guy in their area?

Be yourself! have fun and drink responsibly. There’s nothing original about being a lush.

Favorite Stoli Guy Cocktail: The Famous Crush (Stoli Orahnj & Cranberry Juice)

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VOTE NOW! You can vote once a day until September 18. For every vote cast, Stoli will donate $1 to CenterLink, an organization which supports the efforts of LGBT community centers across the country.