VOTE: New York City Stoli Guy Finalist Chad Aims To Entertain As The Triple Threat

large_0029Meet Chad, the multi-talented dancer, actor, singer and Stoli Guy finalist from New York City.

Chad only got to show one of his talents (singing) at the local event in July, so now he’s gearing up for a show like never before on the Stoli Guy finale stage. Vote for Chad now so that this true performer gets closer to the grand prize: becoming Stoli’s national LGBT ambassador, appearing in an Andrew Christian campaign and scoring a dream vacation in Key West.

Queerty got to chat exclusively with New Yorker Chad about his favorite place in the city for the rest of the Stoli Guys to try out while in his hometown for the finale. Oh, and did you know Chad once sang with Dolly Parton?

Can you give us a little teaser of what your original talent showcase will be at the finale on Thursday, September 19?

In my hometown competition I sang, so I will probably pull in more of my other talents this time, regardless I aim to entertain.

521423_10152686253785613_552362952_nAs a New Yorker, what are some places the rest of the Stoli Guys should check out while in town?

My favorite place is Jacob’s Pickles in the Upper West Side. I am from the South so their fried chicken is like a little taste of home when I am missing my mother’s cooking.

How did your friends and family react when you were crowned The Most Original Stoli Guy in your hometown?

My friends all assumed that means I get free Stoli everywhere I go, and my mother said “I see you won something else in your underwear” So I think that means she is proud.

Being an LGBT ambassador for Stoli is an exciting job. Why do you think you’d be the best at it?

Being an LGBT ambassador is a huge responsibility, one that I am prepared to take very seriously. Growing up in a small town there weren’t a lot of recognizable LGBT role models. I was bullied a lot in school, so I want to be a face that today’s youth can see and recognize as someone who dealt with the same things they are going through and made it. It truly does get better.

What’s your advice for anyone looking to become one of The Most Original Stoli Guys in the country?

My advice is to be your natural self. Don’t try to give the audience what you think they want because they will see right through it.

Favorite Stoli Guy Cocktail: The Boy Next Door (Stoli Bluberi & Lemonade) because it’s sweet but also a little tart.

You can vote once a day until September 18. For every vote cast, Stoli will donate $1 to CenterLink, an organization which supports the efforts of LGBT community centers across the country.