VOTE: Stoli Guy San Diego Winner Peter Stomps His Way Into Our Hearts

Peter, the Stoli Guy San Diego winner, stole the show at the local Stoli Guy star search held at Rich’s and produced by GayCities. Peter impressed the judges, the crowd and the co-host Jai Rodriguez with his authentic Greek-style dance routine.

Now Peter is getting ready to head to New York City for the national finale. Will he be the one to claim the $10,000 prize?

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What are you planning for your original talent showcase at the finale on September 18?

I don’t believe I could have chosen anything more original and authentic then to incorporate my culture and heritage in the talent showcase. large_IMG_3875

How did your friends and family react when you were crowned Stoli Guy 2014 in your hometown?

Extremely supportive, I have been in San Diego for some time now but the rally in support to represent Southern California has been overwhelming!

Being an LGBT ambassador for Stoli is an exciting job. Why do you think you’d be the best at it?

Filling the role of authentic and original for Stoli incorporates a much larger audience within the LGBT community, traits that an LGBT ambassador must have as it teaches us to steer clear of the differences we as human beings experience.

Why do you think being “authentic” is important in the LGBT community?

Being authentic is something that differentiates stereotypes within the gay community. Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.43.21 PM

What inspired you to participate in Stoli Guy 2014?

My partner, I have always lacked confidence, some might find that strange but I believe many others can relate. Jon (my partner) has always been there for me in whatever I have wanted to do, from graduating college, moving to California, starting a career, to the finale of Stoli Guy — yes he will be in the audience! I can say without question that I couldn’t be where I am at today without him in my life.

Favorite Stoli Guy Cocktail: Future Husband (Stoli Original + Ginger Beer) hands down, you can never go wrong with ginger beer let alone Stoli. For those with a less citrusy thirst, there is no other equivalent.

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  • Billy Budd

    Cute and Greek. What a wonderful combination.

  • Giovanni Fitzpatrick

    Haha, an old friend of mine from Tampa. Keep doing big things, partner.

  • buffnightwing

    Lets just promote Russian vodka and promote alcoholism.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @buffnightwing: . . . with someone who looks like Adrian Brody as a spokesman.

  • Spike

    Does he get a free trip to Russia?!!?

  • Essus67

    I am sure these people are nice and all – but heck to the no am I supporting Stoli in any way shape or form. Yes I have done my homework regarding Stoli and Russia and nope, no, not in a million years. I am aware that you need revenue Queerty – but this whole campaign smacks of Uncle Tom-ism. I hope the guys in this get what they are looking for – but I will not participate and would like to see Stoli gone from the site.

  • Cam

    Sorry to the Stoli apologizers, The company may now be based in Lithuania, but it uses Russian alcohol distilled inside Russia.

    Why would I buy that, when I could just as easily buy Kettle One from Holland, or Grey Goose from France, two countries that fully support us.

    And frankly telling me it’s from Latvia doesn’t help much, it isn’t as if Latvia is on the front lines of Gay Rights.

  • Cam

    Lithuania = Latvia

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