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Vulture Gets To The Bottom Of Whether Filmmaker Xavier Dolan Is A Bottom



You do seem very uninhibited as an actor. I can’t recall another director who bottomed onscreen in his first movie.

You know what? I don’t think I would do that now. And I’m not even a bottom, actually, if we want to go there.

Let’s go there.

Okay. What outlet is this for again? [Laughs.]

Your film ‘Tom at the Farm,’ to me, feels like it’s about a bottom. Even the way it’s shot is this dance between a submissive protagonist and a domineering top.

It is a dance. I don’t have a problem with putting myself in a submissive position. [Pause.] Are you trying to make me confess? Are you trying to make me come out as a bottom here?

Come out however you’d like. There’s also “vers.”

I’m not.

You’re strictly …

I’m strictly.”— Actor/director/screenwriter Xavier Dolan (Mommy, It’s Only the End of the World, Adele’s “Hello” music video) in a new interview with Vulture.