The vultures have begun circling around Wendy Williams

Struggling talk show host Wendy Williams has sustained yet another public relations blow.

Following reports that she has lost access to her own finances and may not be returning to her show, new reports have just emerged that her own friends might have played a role in her dramatic downfall.

Radar Online has obtained new court documents related to the lawsuit that reveal Williams’ friends were the ones who lobbied her financial advisor, Lori Schiller, to get Wells Fargo to cut her off from her own bank accounts.

Word of Williams’ poor health and dire financial straits emerged earlier this week amid a lawsuit with Wells Fargo. Williams claims the bank, working in tandem with Schiller, have been unjustly blocking her from accessing her own money and, as a result, she cannot pay her bills.

“To summarize without divulging too much on the public record, Wells Fargo has strong reason to believe that [Williams] is the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation,” Wells Fargo wrote in a letter to the court. “[Williams] is an established client of Wells Fargo and notably, 15 years with the particular financial advisor, a 23-year veteran of the financial services industry with an unblemished record.”

“Wells Fargo is relying not only on reports of the financial advisor, who has recently witnessed telltale signs of exploitation, including the petitioner’s own expressed apprehensions but also upon other independent third-parties who know [Williams] well and share these concerns,” the letter further elaborated.

The bank has also reportedly asked the court to appoint a financial conservator to oversee Williams’ finances.

The lawsuit could not have come at a worse time for Williams.

She’s missed the entirety of her talk show’s 13th season due to vague “medical issues.” Now, word has come that Lionsgate, the studio that produces The Wendy Williams Show, has reached a deal to replace her with former The View co-host Sherri Shepherd.

TMZ reports that Lionsgate has finalized a deal with Shepherd, who will take over as permanent host in September. The possibility for Williams to return in the future remains open, though the likelihood looks less and less promising.

Williams stepped back from hosting duties on The Wendy Williams Show in 2019. She was scheduled to return to the show with the debut of a new season in October 2021, though ultimately did not appear due to unspecified medical woes.

Though Williams has given no official comment on the matter, several sources–including those associated with her lawsuit against Wells Fargo–have alleged that the host is suffering from mental deterioration, possibly due to dementia.

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