WA Principal Fired By Catholic School Hired By Another, Non-Homophobic School District

Mark ZmudaBy all accounts, Mark Zmuda was a great vice-principal at Eastside Catholic High School outside of Seattle, beloved by students and parents. So, of course, the school fired him when it found out that he had married his partner, although it kindly offered to let him stay if he got a divorce. Now Zmuda has found a new job in what promises to be a more congenial environment, as vice principal at a public high school on nearby Mercer Island.

Zmuda was chosen from more than 60 applicants for the position. Mercer Island Superintendent Dr. Gary Plano said that “Mark impressed me with his knowledge of best-instructional practices, his integrity and work ethic and his commitment to the success of all students.” 

Eastside Catholic’s loss is Mercer Island’s gain, but the school may have more losses in store. Zmuda has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination against the school and its puppet master, the Archdiocese of Seattle.


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