WA Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Thinks Scouts Should “Reconsider” Ban

A candidate for Governor in Washington State has announced he disapproves of the Boy Scouts’ ban on homosexual members and leaders. That’s not news, per se. But the thing is, he’s a Republican.

GOP hopeful Rob McKenna, currently the state’s Attorney General, said through a spokesperson that “at least locally, the leaders out here could encourage the national organization to reconsider the national policy.”

Boy, first Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen announces her support for marriage equality and now this. Hold on while we look out the window and see if Babe is flying by.

Sadly McKenna doesn’t feel strongly enough about the issue to distance himself from the Scouts—he’s currently on the BSA’s Chief Seattle Council. But maybe he thinks he can do more good from the inside.

McKenna’s Democratic opponent, former U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee, also stands against the ban. And he, unlike his opponent, supports Washington’s recent same-sex marriage law: “Our state and our country has moved ahead rapidly with eliminating discrimination,” says Inslee. “We’ve done it in the military, we’ve done it in education, and we ought to be able to do that in the Scouts, as well. So I’m hopeful this will be revisited as soon as possible.”