WATCH: “Equality for Humans”

Isn’t love neat? Whether it’s between a man and a woman, two men, two women or skeletons of indeterminate gender. (Yes, we know, a forensic pathologist can tell a person’s gender by examining their skeleton. Let’s not worry about that now.)

The above video, a pro-marriage-equality clip called “Equality for Humans,” is the work of Macauley C. Johnson, an L.A. motion-graphics artist who created the piece as part of his final project at Otis College. It’s cute, it’s simple, and it’s gorgeous—if we could marry this video, we would.

If you like the song Johnson used to accompany his piece, it’s called “Love Lust” and it’s by King Charles.

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  • Max

    The video is broken in your article.

    I liked it though. Pretty cute. Not movement-making or anything though but the more awareness the better right?

  • ThirdofJuly

    Not to be an ass, but a pathologist can determine your sex from your skeleton, not your gender. The straights mix these two things up all the time. We know better.

  • macjtv

    the point isn’t whether or not someone is gay or straight (even if determined one or the other)- it’s that we’re human. simple as that.

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