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Wait, Australia’s Labor Cabinet Would Actually Support Gay Marriage?

This analysis of Australia’s Labor cabinet suggests if they were put in charge of determining the future of same-sex marriage, it’d win in an 11-7 vote with an additional three members acting as possible swing votes. Of course it assumes Prime Minister Juila Gillard is a swing vote and lesbian marriage foe Penny Wong is a hard Yes, which, uh. But apparently: “It is not simply because all politicians are liars, rather it is more to do with their fears and HOW change would have to happen to be acceptable to them.”

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  • Chris

    Ths isn’t much of a surprise, politicians are typically cowards moreso than bigots.

  • adam

    Australians are retards. They are so behind the times, it’s not funny.

  • Nick Farben

    @Adam It’s incredibly incongruous to claim one thing is ‘behind the times’ whilst using the term now-antiquated term ‘retard’ don’t you think?

    As for the allegations of being ‘behind the times’, I refer you to the Human Development Index by the United Nations (Link: where Australia is listed as #2 overall in 2009.

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