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Wait. Gay Men Might Actually Be Less Prone to Urges to Sexually Abuse Children?

Science confuses us! Science threatens us! Science … defends us? “MRI research has found very large differences in brain structure between men who have a sexual preference for children and those who have a sexual preference for adults. These differences were detected as regions of low density in brain tissue called white matter. White matter is what connects the various parts of the brain, enabling it to function as a whole. The white matter that is affected in pedophilia and hebephilia is the white matter that connects the parts of the brain that respond to sexual images. (Specifically, these regions were the superior occipitofrontal fasciculus and the arcuate fasciculus.) There does not exist any evidence that gay men share this feature of decreased white matter. In fact, there is some evidence that gay men have areas of more white matter than straight men, in at least some parts of the brain (called the corpus callosum).” That’s pedophilia researcher Dr. James Cantor, editor-in-chief of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, and someone we trust a smidge more than Bill Donohue on these matters. On the downside, Dr. Cantor also says evidence suggests pedophilia is, like heterosexuality or homosexuality, an immutable characteristic. That is: unable to be changed, even through therapy. [CNN]

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  • fagburn

    No more junk science, please Queerty.


    I call bullshit on this, with the fact that gays are obsessed with youth and the entire genre of ‘twinks’. Major bullshit, if anyone it’s actually most homosexuals that sexes up the small boys.

  • Cassandra


    Please stop projecting your own mental life onto everyone else.

    Study after study has demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of all pedophiles self-identify as heterosexual.

    And recent events – the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, etc – suggest that people who blame pedophilia on homosexuals are themselves the people most likely to actually be molesting children.

  • Whoddafunk?

    Yeah I don’t get the first two comments at all. Are Fagburn and LOOOL talking about themselves?

    The article makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Jake

    This is a contentious point for the gay community, as we try to portray ourselves as on par with the straight community and not some perverted “lifestyle”. People always bring up kiddy fiddlers as an attack on gays. However, I, like Cassandra, have always read that most pedophiles identify as heterosexual, regardless of the gender of their victim(s). I think pedophilia is another sexuality entirely as suggested in the article, not linked directly to either being homo or hetro.

  • MasterBater

    I have been caught jerking off. Could be BI-Sex

    Jon Malcom Hlutke

  • Mike L.

    This is certainly interesting.

    And no wonder pedophilia is so abundant in some countries where child prostitution laws are so loose or there just isn’t inforcement of them, b/c most of the abusers are heteros who don’t identify being pedo’s as homosexuality which they see with being a sin.

    The church must have known this back when it started blaming pedo preists on gays to take the ball off of them and lump that perception onto us. But alas w science comes great revelation.

  • Mike L.

    Wow I just went to the cnn link and some of the commenters there are so stupid saying that if Doc Cantor says that since it’s an immutable characteristic that then should it be percieved as normal?

    Are ppl that dumb, w pedo/hebephilia there are victims (pre and pubecent children) and we have laws against child abuse, but w homosexuality it’s a victimless immutable characteristic just like w heterosexuality b/c it’s between adults. Some ppl are too stupid they can’t see past their homophobia.

    The Doc also wondered in the article that he doesn’t yet know why there are so many pedos in the church, all I have to say is that they have power and trust over their followers, same reason some become pediatricians, teachers, boyscout leaders etc, it’s the proximity to their prey and the power and trust they have over the kids under their care.

    Seems like a no brainer.

  • Lamar

    Now let’s sit back and wait for some homophobe in power to nitpick the study in an effort to prove that most pedophiles are gay. Straight homophobes have a history of ignoring scientific/psycholgical research and studies if it contradicts commonly held negative misconceptions of gay people. For instance some people who don’t want gays adopting children ignore evidence (and common sense) which suggests that gays are just as good parents as straights.

  • BamBam


    Agreed. People who oppose us don’t really strike me as the fact-based, science-interested type of people.

  • adman

    As someone who always admired mature men, and NOT men my own age, it was difficult as a adolescent. All those that would come out of the woodwork didn’t see me as a “twink” they saw me as prey, easily malleable, and naive.

    Thankfully there were always the gay guys to assure me I would grow up one day, and until then I wasn’t ready.

    Lessons learned: Meeting somemone faking a “gay” identity, and you’ll know what I mean when you spot them even if you’re 15…married, signs of closeting, yet very “open” towards getting to know you, control freak, etc. RUN!!! they are poison. Watch out for the bi’s too at such a young age, sorry elder bi’s but it’s just a anecdote from my own experience. A gay guy will always want to INTERACT, instead of reveal himself in that perverted way that pedos get off on.

    By the time I was 18 I could date in peace, and be left alone by the marginal types that infect our community with their placebo identities.

    Advice if you’re a young guy who likes the daddies: get involved in gay activism, GetEqual, Courage Campaign, your communities GLBT center, and enjoy the platonic company for what it is. It’ll keep you away from the pedos, because not only are you just not ready, nobody is ready for what they have cooking up for you. They are like straight rapists, trust me or continue playing the flirting game and get your own stalker, your choice. It sucks being a piece of chicken and waiting to grow up, I know. Just protect yourself and you’ll attract others who can appreciate the way you carry yourself and they’ll become your foundation in our gay community. True friends look out for each other, I think deep down the fact that gays learn this early on through rejection can be a blessing in disguise.

  • Peter

    the fucked up part is pedophiles cant change their tastes and at the same time there’s no way in hell they should be allowed to have sex with children. i just feel bad for pedophiles and the kids they abuse.

  • Cassandra


    Don’t feel too bad for sexual predators – the most common kind of pedophile blends into his community politically and spiritually, has a wife, a respectable job, and kids. He either molests his own kids, or his kids’ friends, or any of the above that are accessible.

    Save your concern for the victims, of any age or gender. That said, many pedophiles were molested when they were children – perhaps that trauma can cause changes to their brains.

  • PirateFaafy

    Something worth pointing out is that a pedophile is not synonymous with a child molester. There are people with pedophilic brain patterns who do not molest children, causing no harm to the community despite being unfortunately cursed with their particular sexual preferences. It’s an unfortunate state of affairs, certainly, but confusing the two puts a lot of unfair burden on the people who spend their lives trying so hard to keep their desires under control only to be seen as evil despite having done no wrong. (By which I will include child pornography, but will not include drawn/artificially produced child pornography.)

  • Offthepink

    If you have sex with someone with the same equipment, regardless of age, you just committed a homosexual act. I don’t know why people are trying to rationalize the obvious, as if children have no gender until they hit their teens. Sanitizing/hiding some things to make a lifestyle seem more acceptable isn’t cool.

  • Offthepink

    You can “identify” as whatever you like…doesn’t make it true.

  • Cassandra


    There is no such thing as a homosexual act. Anyone who uses that term as if it were legitimate, instantly exposes themselves publicly as both a deceitful homophobe, and maliciously ignorant.

    Your post demonstrates an inability to differentiate between consensual relationships between adults, and coercive relationships, like those between and adult and a child, pre-teen or teen.

    This indicates that you are the most likely candidate here to be a sexual predator. You can identify as whatever you like, but, you posts indicate that you do not recognize consent, and therefore, are a likely candidate to commit rape.

    Why you are trying to rationalize the obvious is pretty clear – you are trying to blame on GLBTQ people the things you want to do, or actual do, so that no one will suspect you.

    Sexual predators have a long-standing pattern of blaming GLBTQ people, to deflect attention away from themselves, and it is clear that you posted for that very same purpose

    to deflect scrutiny from your own life.

  • wayne

    Jonathan Malcolm Hlutke

    I say keep jerkin off dude!”

  • Jon Malcolm Hlutke

    Jon Malcolm Hlutke

    Being gay is Hard enough!
    Jerking off is easy!

    You guys make me want to go insane. Whats up with all the politics dude?

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