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Wait. Is It News That Singer Alison Goldfrapp Is Gay? Did She Come Out? What’s Going On Here?


Alison Goldfrapp, the English singer best known by her standalone surname, appears to have come out publicly this week without even knowing it. Or she was just outed by a major British newspaper. Or did we miss something?

In an article about mid-life lesbians coming out in the London Times, writer Stephanie Theobald notes Goldfrapp is in a relationship with film editor Lisa Gunning (pictured, right). The blogs are calling this Goldfrapp’s “coming out,” but given she didn’t participate in the article (there are no quotes from her), it’s unclear whether Goldfrapp gave her stamp of approval for the reveal.

As early as 2005, her fans have been speculating about Alison’s sexuality — on her own website. By June, at least, there were photos of the pair attending events together together.

Except in this interview with Gunning published Nov. 18 (yes, just over a month ago), Gunning is referring to Goldfrapp, whose music and voice were included in a film she worked on, as “my dear friend” — as bold an indication as any that the pair were not revealing their relationship publicly.

What is clear, then, is that it’s no big secret Goldfrapp and Gunning are romantically involved. Less obvious, though, is whether they’ve “officially” come out, and thus given the press free reign to discuss their relationship.

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