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  • Mike

    This is no secret. She has said many times that she used crack cocaine.

  • getreal

    Oprah’s whole ouerve is improving your life and moving forward past your past mistakes clearly she has.

  • sparkle obama

    too late, girls.
    hillary lost!
    the inauguration in on tuesday.

  • blake

    Tacky story. Why go do a hit piece on Oprah? She’s a friend to GLBT Americans, employing them openly, supporting their careers, and tackling issues that affect them?

    Why not drop bombs like this on bigots instead of our friends? Do you think our enemies would push stories that hurt their allies?

  • JesusofAudacity

    Thats rite Sparkle. Them racialist wites jus want to get back at Oprah for picking the best President. Hillary loss, fair and square. Th clintons are histry and Oprah nows it. Ha Ha loesers! Queerty is racialist!

  • Monica Roberts


    Sitting up in your $2000 A MONTH condos in the West Hollywood Hills, taking sniffs off yall o so elegant tina methamphinamine straws and weed-pipes… I know how y’all LOVE to put on y’all pink pernted house sheets and dress up in y’all KKK robes!

    Then y’all wax y’all anix and strut around for all the menz, mawking all the A-A people on “Cops” (and, NO, that is not Alcoholics Anonymous!, that is African – Americans), and expecially when they show a TRANGENDRIED Woman of COLOURS showing out behind a beatituded charge of some trumpeded up ignunce, yall show y’all Cindy “CondoleeeKKKzza” Lauper True Coloured.

    Pshukes. Y’all need to Quee – HOT.

    That is how it is T I S

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