Wait… Sheryl Swoopes Is Engaged To A Man? Has Our Lesbian Basketballer Gone Bi?

Six years ago, then three-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time MVP of the WNBA, Sheryl Swoopes came out as a lesbian and became a spokesperson for a lesbian travel company. Now she’s engaged to marry a man. Does that mean she’s gonna have a bisexual coming out story in the press? Do people even do that anymore? If so, someone should tell Michelle Rodriguez.

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  • fredo777

    Uh…what the hell? I was expecting a little more insight into why she’s doing it.

  • Rainfish

    Gosh, I sure hope she hasn’t visited Michele Bachman’s family de-gayification clinic recently. Seriously though, if she’s bi more power to her. It seems, according to some studies, that sexual fluidity is more common among women than men — but who knows. If we accept falling in love as being a non-choice and not about gender (as the protest signs read), then who are we to judge.

    So what the hell, romantically love anyone you wish, it’s no one else’s business…(that is as long as they’re: adult, human, not a corpse, etc. — too bad you need a disclaimer nowadays)

  • McGullen

    “SHOCK 22”

    My thoughts exactly.

  • jason

    Sheryl Swoopes is a silly woman. That just about sums it up.

    You need to keep in mind that women will often go with men even if they are not aroused. A woman doesn’t have to be aroused in order to have sex with a man. The driving force is, as I’ve said before, the desire to have a child. A woman’s desire to have a child trumps her sexual orientation.

    This is why I’ve always said that men need to be the leaders of the GLBT movement. Women always turn out to be a huge disappointment.

  • Atasi

    Spot on jason, just another “liesexual” to add to the list.

  • Jess

    Jason, kindly shut the fuck up.

    Not every women’s desire to have a child “trumps her sexual orientation.” This might a a case where she just happened to meet someone she fell for. Shit happens. Maybe she is actually a bisexual. Just because this happened to her, it doesn’t mean this is the case for ALL LESIBAN WOMEN.

    “This is why I’ve always said that men need to be the leaders of the GLBT movement. Women always turn out to be a huge disappointment.”

    -Uh, excuse me? For that comment, kindly go fuck yourself. Also, *LGBT. Thanks.

  • missanthrope


    You hate women so much that sometimes that i wonder if your basement is full of corpses. You’re creepy.

    and “liesexual”? Is the management going to stand for such hateful speech from the Gold Star Purity Patrol?

    It’s funny that some people here only want the freedom for people to be themselves so far as long as they can define what that is for other people.

    Harvey Milk must be spinning in his grave at a supersonic speed.

  • Lesbos (the island)

    More like Daniel VillaUNreal!

  • Oliver gist

    I’d like to hear what Swoopes has to say about the engagement… is she “officially” bisexual now? Will wait for some more news.

  • gherkin

    The pressure to conform in the Black community is very strong. She will probably now be used as a propaganda tool by NOM and others of their ilk.

  • Gay Veteran

    @jason: Your comment was ignorant… And that’s all I really need to say because the ignorance speaks for itself.

    Sheryl Swoopes love who you want to love.

  • orz

    Hmm. I guess Jason is either ignoring or conveniently forgetting (or maybe just bullheaded enough not to realize) that LGBT women pretty much have all bases covered as far as professionals in the face of popular media.

    Ellen and Portia are one of America’s golden couples.
    Suze Orman is a financial pro.
    Rachel Maddow is a leading voice for political news.
    Annie Leibowitz is world-famous for her photography.
    Gillian Michaels is very possibly America’s favorite life coach.

    Talk about representation for the LGBT movement.

  • jason

    I’m simply pointing out the fact that biology enables a woman to cheat and lie about her motivations and sexual interests. I’m simply calling it as it is. There is no such thing as equality between men and women when it comes to sexuality, and there will never be. For instance, look at what’s between your legs. It’s not the same as what’s between a man’s legs. If you don’t believe me, try pissing against a wall.

  • jason


    The freedom to be yourself does not necessarily translate into self-empowerment. Don’t kid yourself that it does.

    One of my greatest frustrations with the feminists is that they developed this phony notion of self-empowerment based on “being oneself”. Phony, phony, phony. Cough, gack, spit, spat. Truly delusional if you ask me.

    A woman who chooses to prostitute her sexuality to the sleazy straight guy fantasy may be exercising her right to “be herself” but she is hardly empowered.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @jason: Ah its Jason time once again — Misogyny has not only turned his soul black, but his brain into mush.

    READ THE LINKED ARTICLE MORON: Swoopes was married — to a man — and they had a child! That was before Swoopes 2005 announcement that she was in a lesbian relationship.


    Swoopes proves that each and every one of us, us as in human beings, has their own journey full of twists and turns, challenges and triumphs. Every human experiences confusion about who and what we are. That Swoopes believed at one point that she is lesbian or straight or both means only that this is her journey in her life. Others will never experience relations with members of the same sex, while other, like me, have never had relations with someone of the opposite sex.

  • Jeffree

    @Mike in Asheville: Well said! The entity called “jason” wants to roll back time to the 1950s, when women “knew their place” & men ruled the roost. His daily rants about how men need to “lead” the LGBT movement, & that women are bi only to please “sleazy” str8 men because of their fâke sexuality seem to be getting more delerious… I’m glad you, missanthrope, etc. are calling him out on it !
    Swoopes decision to marry a man is hers to make; she’s commiting to a person, not a gender. Reading more into is that seems like armchair quarterbacking, at least to me.

  • Jeffree

    Oops, “fake” should have been in quotation marks. Sorry.

  • Gary

    @orz: I didn’t know that Gillian Michaels was a lesbian.

  • An Ella Fan


    Quote: “I’m simply pointing out the fact that biology enables a woman to cheat and lie about her motivations and sexual interests”

    Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson, Rudy Giuliani, Morgan Freeman, Prince Charles, Newt Gingrich, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Ryan Phillippe (it should have been with me), Kobe Bryant, David Duchovny, Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy, Richie Sambora, Frank Gifford, Donald Trump, Dean McDermott, my father, probably your father, all 3 of my brothers….

    Jason, I would submit that women cannot hold a candle to men in the cheating and lying because of sexual motivation category. You might want to work on that misogyny of yours because clearly you are way biased.

  • mike

    @An Ella Fan: Oh Ella, I so feel for you, Ryan Phillippe should be into boys, oh wait, I mean, boy, as it should be me. Oh well, he’s into girls, so good luck to you!

    Importantly, history has so many more prime examples: Thomas Jefferson, Henry 1 thru 8 — especially 8, George 4 & 5, Benjamin Franklin, FDR, JFK, Napoleon, ALL French presidents in last century…..

    Statistics are difficult to manage on this subject as so many people simply lie about extra-marital affairs (ask a pro about this, Bill Clinton). Nonetheless, it is estimated that married men in the US cheat at a rate of about 60% while the rate for women is estimated at 15% (through mid 1990; probably higher today). It is estimated that infidelity is involved in 90% of first time divorces, of which over 40% end in divorce.

    And, of course, Jason is a moronic idiot. Men just tuck their dicks back into their pants, zip up, and hope they don’t get asked for a paternity sample. Women, as ALL others but Jason understand, do not have magical biological invisibility cloaks allowing them to cheat and lie.

  • Lesbian from the Communist China

    @Jeffree: please, lick my ass! I know you like it.

  • Peter

    But where is all bi-guys??? We want male bisexuality everywhere!

  • m.

    @mike: moronic idiot is you! together with anti-gay fat pig Jeffree! Double standards on bisexuality it is not equality!

  • mike

    @m.: Oh “m.”, we all know you are just another of Jason’s many other post names. Moronic idiot is so apt for you and your many split personalities.

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    @Peter: They’re hiding out until they’re 95% certain that they won’t get gay-bashed for being… bi.

  • m.

    @mike: fuck you anti-gay conformist!!! You are Jeffree’s fake. who like pseudo-bisexual female sluts, feminist faschism and double standars on bisexuality! kill yourself, hypocritical pig!!

  • TanyaHyde


    Quote: “The pressure to conform in the Black community is very strong. She will probably now be used as a propaganda tool by NOM and others of their ilk.”

    Exactly how would you know what amount of pressure is applied in the Black Community (whatever that means) to conform?

    I may be going out on a limb here, but utilizing the handle “gherkin” I’m pretty much betting you’re not black.

    Stop with the silly generalizations – it doesn’t help and it doesn’t support your position.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @m.: @ m. AKA Jason:

    Better double up on your anti-psychotics, honey, cause you’re gonna blow a fuse!

    Your hatred of women would be amusing if it weren’t so disturbing.

  • m.

    @Mike in Asheville: aka hypocritical anti-gay pig Jeffree, fuck you! disgusting liar! Go to hell with your bisexual sluts and double standards!

  • Mike in Asheville

    @m.: Hi Jason “m.” — you sooo funnnny, girl … I might have been wrong about doubling up on your psycho meds, better triple them!

    BTW, now just where did this “bisexual sluts” come from? I have written many times before, never been with a girl, I’m a total Kinsey 6+++. As for “double standards” I think you need to Google the term cause, deary, its not a double standard that I’m into boys only,and then advocate/encourage Ms. Swoopes to decide for herself whom she wishes to enjoy her relationships. That is what we Americans call “live and let live”.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @m.: Oh, and b-t-w, don’t know who Jeffree is, but he certainly is quite intelligent. Thanks for the compliment.

    And unlike you, JASON aka M. aka OLGA aka quite a few others, I’m just Mike in Asheville (though, once-in-a-while, I use my hubby’s computer and don’t change the user name from “mike” to “Mike in Asheville”). Ask Queerty to list all the names coming from our IP address and it will be just us two: “mike” and “Mike in Asheville”. I do recall a few weeks ago, Queerty publishing some of the multi/split personalities coming from singe IP addresses, and you, Jason/m./Olga were listed with 5 or 6 names.

  • Lesbian from the Communist China

    @Mike in Asheville: Mike in Asheville is the second nick of Jeffree. Hallo Jeffree, stupid pig=) kill yourself, anti-gay pro-lesbian donkey.

    Double standards on bisexuality it is NOT equality.

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