Wait, So Palestine Is Gay-Friendlier Than Israel Now?


Michael Lucas is so not going to be happy about this: Palestinian activists are protesting against branding Israel as a gay-friendly destination!

Files a member (witness?) of the protest: “On Sunday afternoon local Palestinian and Jewish LGBT\queer activists held a protest against promoting LGBT tourism to Israel in front of the Tel Aviv gay center. The protesters intercepted a group of travel agents and other guests attending a conference that took place inside the gay center. The conference was organized by various Israeli institutes and International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA). While entering, the guests went by the protesters, who were wearing T-shirts that read ‘QUEERS VISIT PALESTINE, NOT THE OCCUPIERS & OPPRESSORS’. Some of the protesters faces were covered with dirt, contrasting the concept of a ‘tourist attraction,’ putting themselves on display, not as shining examples of gay Israeli privilege but as wounded dirty queers, embodying the ugly side of the occupation being masked by the gay tourism initiative.”

Sound familiar?

We’re awaiting word from Mr. Lucas, the porn entrepreneur, who just got done opining that queers who support Palestine must hate Jews.