Wale Didn’t Even Know He Canceled on D.C.’s Black Pride

It’s not that rapper Wale has a problem with homosexuals! The reason he dropped out of D.C.’s Black Pride event, where he was set to perform, is because … well, he didn’t even know he was booked! And he didn’t even know that he had canceled!

“I didn’t even know bout a show..I have done 48 shows this year..and I haven’t booked one personally,” he says via Twitter, where he’s got 200k+ followers. It was his agent who booked, and then canceled (because it was a gay event, supposedly), Wale’s appearance. Which makes sense: Talent usually doesn’t book their own acts; their reps do.

“Anybody who knows me an familar w/ my music know that I work for PEOPLE..all ppl,” he tweets. “and the people who perpetuate the rumors are just as evil as the ppl they defend theirself against daily.” C’mon, go @reply him! Tell him you still ♥ him.