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  • M Shane

    He look good; seem like it would be easier to run than walk that far. Isn’t thier AIDS there?

  • leomoore

    Of course AIDS is in Australia. We also get cancer. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma when I was 21. I am 53, now, and have to be checked for recurrence still. One of my closest friends died of melanoma and another who had HIV died of brain cancer, instead.

  • KJ

    I was opting to ignore M’s comments, Leo. Oy! :-)

    Videos made by Adam on the walk can be found at YouTube. He has a “diary” at samesame (If I put in the links, my comment doesn’t post.). Although the treatment center will be in Australia, the research center will be an international effort, working in conjunction with the Ludwig Center in New York.

  • M Shane

    KJ possibly too many people avoid people’s comments/inquisitiveness Oy!

    I suspect that there are many things that I know about of which you are ignorant. Self righteousbness never ever helps.

    Having had cancer several times malignant melanoma and malignant sarcoma already nwhile still young I am concerned about cancer.
    However, it’s legitimate AND INTELIGENT to ask why gay people wouldn’t looking to suporrt AIDS related causes and if they do.

  • KJ

    M Shane, I think we have a language barrier going on here. You commented on Adam’s looks, then suggested he run, and not walk, asked if there’s AIDS in Australia, and then seem to suggest that if one is gay, the only cause that one can support is the fight against AIDS. This is very confusing.

    Many of us are involved in the fights against HIV/AIDS AND cancer. None of us is untouched by one or the other, and none of us has any stories worse than another. My partner lost his dad to AIDS; his mother has AIDS. I lost my grandmother to a hideous cancer death and have a sister currently battling breast cancer. In Adam’s bio of the “Great Walk”, he tells of losing his grandfather to throat cancer.

    It’s not a battle of either/or; it’s a battle against both, and to belittle the efforts of others, does nothing to help on either “front.”

  • Mike Adams

    I hope Michael Lucas gets AIDS and cancer and why not throw in crabs and scabies too and then maybe aussie bum Adam Sutton can walk over (on) Luke-Asses dead body to raise money for a worthy cause. Im sick and tired of seeing bad porn with LuKe-Asses comspetically enhanced face. Am I the only gay who can’t stand a guy with plastic surgery???

  • Young, Rich & Elite with a Degree

    Hey, Gay Icon Joan Rivers is also involved in this walk for the American team!!! Adam Sutton may be good for a two or three minute fantasy session, but Joan has a whole jewelry collection!!!

  • M Shane

    Mike Adams; That’s really a very mean spirited kind of comment; enough people are full of hate, the world’s not wanting for more.

    Not everyone was blessed with desirable features, I guess, and probably a lot more people have surgical alterations than you would like to imagine, in sure.

    Think you might be envious?

  • Mike Adams

    hell no. If you saw him in person you would understand what I mean.

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