Wall Street Fall Leads To ManHunt Jump

Last week, when the stock market took that record 700 dip, huge numbers of men appeared to be dipping into each other.

According to New York Press, gay hook-up site ManHunt saw a huge spike in its man-on-man membership:

Manhunt, the most popular online “dating” resource in NYC for men looking for a hookup, saw record membership numbers the day of the stock market crash.

So many people were in need, in NYC, Boston, D.C., etc. that Manhunt recorded three times as many new memberships than usual on Sept. 29 when the stock market fell 700 points. It was the best single day in their entire history.

Apparently a bit of gay sex is just the trick to curing the economic blues. Who knew?!

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  • done and done

    don’t you think that it might be because gay.com stopped working functionally for about two weeks or more now?

  • Manhunt with net

    Done and done, well, yes, I’m sure you’re right, but you don’t just come out and say that. Its poor form. Here is the coda for competing websites and how they behave toward one another: Scenario 1: Manhunt owner gives $ to the candidate that looks the most like himself? Sit quietly back and smirk. Scenario 2: Your #1 competitor hires a bunch of lesbians to run a gay men’s hook up site? Why you quietly create hundreds of profiles on their site of girl-boys with mullets. Scenario 3: Your competitor launches their 1st new site in 8 years and it sinks like a stone? Well then you just tweak your membership offers accordingly and sit back and watch the members roll in. But you never say anything in public.

  • Jimbo

    I just thought hey fucked in the wallet well might as well be fucked in the ass too !!!

  • liberal

    sad state of affairs when joining or going on Manhunt is just giving money to McCain/Palin.
    Who says gay men are not still self-loathing? Or to be kind, in this instance, uninformed.

    Why not change that?


  • Stop manhunting with a net

    Because, liberal, some gay guys are sophisticated enough to believe that they can patronize a business with one McCain supporter and not turn the world upside down. Most manhunt employees are for Obama. People who play the self-loathing card tend to be the most self-loathing.

  • fiddler_nycguysdotcom

    correlation ≠ causality

    Gay.com was down during that time. It would make more sense to look at the numbers on a global basis. How many new Manhunt.com members worldwide compared with new members in the new york metro area. I’m sure there was also a sharp increase in craigslist m4m postings as well.

    Though I’d love to see those wall street i-banking douches gangraped by a bunch of syphilus ridden bikers. I mean, not as punishment, it just makes me all moist in my secret no no place.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Queerty EQUALS Lying Liars!

    So, now gay guys have become truncated torsos on ManSlutbuttCum (who are Pro-McCain)

    Stop manhunting with a net SLEPT with everyone on STAFF including the Mascot (now his nickname is Itchy&Scratchy!)

  • Darth Paul

    That model is hawt.

  • Darth Paul

    Dear Liberal,

    Patronizing Starbucks, Amazon.com, Whole Foods, and countless other US businesses also technically amounts supporting McCain/Palin as these businesses donate to their campaign. So it’s clear you have a very narrow and capricious agenda with regard to manhunt.

    If you don’t like it, simply take your tricking elsewhere. No need to take the very republican self-righteous tone.

  • liberal

    Dear Stopmanhunting with the net and Darth Paul

    I do take it elsewhere.

    I don’t think there is anything self loathing about standing up for what you believe in – first of all Starbucks is a fully 100% democratic organization so you don’t have the facts which makes you sound very republican to me. Second of all I try in every aspect of my life to avoid anything that is republican owned or supported or give huge donations to Republican causes. Third of all it’s one thing to go to a huge box store then it is to promoting a specifically gay service to then turn around and find out your money that you thought you were giving to a gay friendly organization only to find out its going to McCain Palin.

    The pair of you sound like Fox news commentators. Hey why not look into our mutual gay past at things like ACT UP, The Coors boycott
    Harvey Milks political career. If people thought or behaved like you suggest then I think you would not have the rights you do now.

    Ignorance is dangerous. Again I think far to many republicans (yes self loathing by the very fact of it) come on here to try and get people upset and distract them from our central goal = equality. Support republican organizations that are gay owned I against your self interest what more do you need to know?

    Oh and I’d be curious to know how you know how people who work at manhunt vote?

  • Woof

    Um why hasn’t the guy in the picture EVER been a Morning Good?????

  • KnuckleCrack

    Manhunt is gay FOR gay. Starbucks, Whole Foods and all the other corporations don’t pretend to be for the gay community. They have nothing to do with sex or sexuality. Manhunt gives your money to the enemy.

    ’nuff said.

  • Darth Paul

    Liberal, if you think every single individual that works for, say, Starbucks or any corporation is 100% behind the Democratic party, you’re sadly mistaken.

    Second, you also seem to think that Democrats are a wholly benevolent, gay-loving group. I don’t know where you live, but there are more than enough racist and otherwise bigoted Democrats in the South (not to mention the bitter blocs in Ohio and Michigan who cannot stomach the idea of any black person in the presidency). As I’ve said before on this site, neither party is ours; not the jackass or the elephant. NEITHER. One just happens to appreciate our money more openly than the other.

    [For your reference, I’ve never even been to manhunt (I’m more a big muscle bears kinda guy), nor have I ever voted republican. I simply accept that as Americans, individuals are free to make their own, often self-damaging choices and that PC thuggism is a twisted response to fascism.]

    Your idealism is disturbingly trite and post-adolescent, and I sincerely hope you get a realistic grasp on the present rather than waxing nostalgic about our past.

  • James Bartlett

    Colbert to Reveal Soul Mate: jb

    Mystery person identified simultaneously by McCain, Hathaway

    NEW YORK, NY (October 15, 2008) Readers of the New York Times best-selling “I Am America (And So Can You!)” by talk show host Stephen Colbert were no doubt surprised to find out that everyone has a soul mate -– but that the odds are 6 zillion to 1 against ever finding out who it is.

    Now comes news that Colbert himself — the host of the Emmy Award-winning Colbert Report — has finally identified his own soul mate. And ironically, it happens to be the only person in America who does not watch his show.

    Details on the person are still sketchy. “The soul mate appears to be an elderly, somewhat bitter person,” said a source at the network. “Somewhat reclusive, and not especially happy to receive the news. So somewhat of a reluctant soul mate, you might say.”

    Oddly enough, the soul mate’s name was revealed to Colbert out of the blue by both John McCain (“Republican presidential candidate”) and Anne Hathaway (“Princess Diaries”) in virtually simultaneous phone calls.

    The Colbert soul mate has never actually subscribed to cable or ridden in an airplane, says one Comedy Central source. “Otherwise, he would undoubtedly be a fan,” the Harvard-educated source said.

    Other than that, the source would only say that the person has a net worth of approximately 92 McDonald Apple Pies and “can be seen from Sarah Palin’s front porch.”

    “The Colbert Report” airs regularly Monday-Thursday at 11:30 p.m. following “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Repeat episodes air Monday-Thursday at 1:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and Friday at 8:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. (all times ET/PT).

    “The Colbert Report” is produced by Jon Stewart’s Busboy Productions, Inc. in association with Spartina Productions, Inc. Stewart, Colbert and Allison Silverman are the executive producers with Meredith Bennett and Richard Dahm as co-executive producers. Jim Hoskinson is the director. Lou Wallach and Dan Powell are the executives in charge of production for COMEDY CENTRAL.

    COMEDY CENTRAL, the only all-comedy network, currently is seen in more than 95 million homes nationwide. COMEDY CENTRAL is owned by, and is a registered trademark of, Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of VIACOM Inc.’s (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B) MTV Networks. COMEDY CENTRAL’s Internet address is http://www.comedycentral.com.

  • liberal

    it’s historical fact, it’s not idealism, that’s just spin from someone who doesn’t want to see the truth.

  • Jhames

    Check your facts, KnuckleCrack and Darth Paul: the CEO of Whole Foods hasn’t donated to the McCain campaign, and in the past he’s donated to the Libertarian party.

  • David

    It has nothing to do with the economy… I agree with the one comment above… Manhunt got more mebers due to the fucked up gay.com – simple as that!!!

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