Walmart Overwhelmed By Demand For Patti LaBelle Pies, Orders 2 Million More Pounds Of Sweet Potatoes To Keep Up


Pie enthusiasts across the country, this writer included, have been scrambling to their local Walmart stores in hopes of getting their hands on one of Patti LaBelle‘s signature Sweet Potato Pies only to find shelves bare.

The mad rush came after a man named James Wright Chanel posted a video of himself to Facebook “singing just like Patti” after taking just one bite. The video quickly went viral, garnering nearly 10 million views in a week and prompting LaBelle herself to issue a response thanking him for the kind review. And, as a result, the pies sold out. Fast.

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In a statement released this week, a spokesperson for Walmart said the pies have been flying off the shelves at “a rate of one per second during the 72 hour period from Thursday through Saturday.”

At just $3.48 a pop, that means the company made almost $1 million off the pies last weekend alone.

The company also said the pie’s page at has become the most visited one on the site, and searches for pie have been second only to searches for turkeys.

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Meanwhile, scalpers have begun selling the pies on Ebay for as much as $40 each, nearly 12 times the original price.

But good news for anyone who doesn’t want to shell out $40 for a pastry valued at under $4. Walmart says it’s doing its best to keep up with the demand, estimating it will need at least two million more pounds of California sweet potatoes to do so. Luckily, the company was able to put a rush order on the potatoes and expects to have more pies on its shelves by the weekend.


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h/t: USA Today

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  • Bob LaBlah

    I imagine those pies are for those north of the Mason/Dixon line. This big ol’ church queen needs her ass whupped if she can’t cook a damn sweet potato pie herself. I mean really. She can holler pretty good (as to be expected for a church queen in a choir) but if she can’t cook and has to buy a pie she is going to be by herself for a long time.

    Child get your lazy ass up and learn to bake your own damn pie. Plus learn to make your own pie crust. I’m sure some where deep inside you pride left in your fat ass.

  • Ben Price

    She’s a star, but get another store…hate WalFart !!!

  • Alistair Wiseman

    What kind of liberals are you that would go into a Walmart store? Have you no shame or sense of decency!?!

  • John Kuehnle

    I find it interesting that celebrities work with Wal-Mart and they aren’t known for paying their employees that well, it’s in the news all the time. No disrespect to Miss Labelle.

  • robho3

    This entire clip he did was the funnist thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Xzamillio……….LOL. It was said in a loving way. Some times comments such as that are the type where the love can’t be felt over the internet. Its an “in the same room” comment. Generally, most big boned people like girl here in the video can get in a kitchen and burn, regardless of geographical location, though I still say based on my years in NYC and the east coast in general southerners such as myself OWN this time of year, kitchen wise.

    I could always tell if it was a southern queen’s house that I was a guest at if there was baked macaroni being served. Again, I say baked macaroni, and LOTS of it. Heavy on the cheese too. And not that two for a dollar Kraft macaroni and cheese with the powdered cheese packet inside. (ol’ tired ass Los Angeles was notorious for it in the days I lived out there).

    I wish the fuck I would catch myself buying a damn sweet potato pie or scratch cake. Tell the truth, when was the last time any of you ate a piece of scratch cake? That you made, by the way? Any one? I rest my case, your honor.

  • David Chachki

    Dying to try this does anyone know where they sell them in NYC?

  • Xzamilio

    @Bob LaBlah: I from the south… you ain’t lying. But this weight loss journey only has one detour and that’s next week for Thanksgiving. And that’s when the baked ham, baked macaroni, green beans, corn bread, homemade gravy and sweet potato pies (from scratch) come out and I go HAM on that spread!! No scratch cake from me… Duncan Hines has been doing a good enough job for me, so I just stir and bake lol!!

    That’s too much work for me. I made a scratch cake ONE time. Nastiest shit I ever tasted in my life!!


    The pie guy is a [email protected] and transphobe…I mean if y’all wanna be consistent n all. Just sayin’


    Really!? Y’all down still with this “problematic” individual? Shouldn’t he be getting some activist intersectional panties in a twist? Or maybe [email protected] insensitivity in one direction?? Well ok but how about ….TRANSPHOBIA!!!!

    @14:15 Transphobia re Caitlyn

    Only black man have dicks…whites have micropeens

    [email protected] jokes about asians

    Fuck your white…transgender…. Asian tears!

    Get ha, Queerty!

  • Cynthia Gilletti

    Why in the world would anyone want to have their product in that store.Bad idea.

  • Cam

    So still nothing about the BBC defending anti-gay bigotry.

    Nothing about a large religious denomination going being completely gay inclusive but now going Trans inclusive.

    But definitely time for a not LGBT related story advertising pie.

  • Kangol

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: If Ms. Thing did attack Asians and trans people, she should be condemned.

    Also, diabetes doctors are probably high-fiving at the rush of new patients after this video. I hope they AND Ms. Patti Labelle give this chile a cut of the profits, though I doubt they will.

  • solacesoul

    That big obese gurl in the video singing “on my own”. I’m sure she knows ALL about being “on my own”.

  • DDstar1me

    Xzamilio….Now if you can do that stuffing from scratch? I’d like to head over lol. It’s so great to be heading home to Alabama this weekend. Cause momma just hugs you and immediately puts you to work lol. We start making our pies the weekend before and cutting up potato’s for the salad smoking the turkey again this year. Jesus I already feel full. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

  • Alistair Wiseman

    @Cynthia Gilletti:

    You stated, “Why in the world would anyone want to have their product in that store. Bad idea.”

    Well, people go into business to make money. If you want to make money, it is generally considered a good idea to hook up with America’s largest retailer.

    If you want to get your product out there, Walmart is a good bet. If you are looking for liberal brownie points, you pass on America’s largest retailer.

  • Glücklich

    I’d give it a try but there are no Walmarts near where I live.

    I’m afraid, though, I’d be disappointed. I’ve had sweet potato pie a few times and always expect some indulgent tasty treat but it’s just sweet and bland. Deceptive, like conchas and beignets.

  • Franklin

    @solacesoul: Hateful is not a good color on you.

  • Glücklich

    Whatever there is to say about Walmart, I want to go to that Crystal Bridges Museum built by Alice Walton. Only problem is Bentonville’s really middle of nowhere, hours away from anything resembling a city.

  • Dev.C

    I hope these damn pies show up soon, because I’ve been looking for days, I want one before next Thursday.

  • Blackceo

    Yes Ms Patti cuz only sweet potato pies will do. Don’t bring no nasty pumpkin pies up in my house.

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