Walmart Overwhelmed By Demand For Patti LaBelle Pies, Orders 2 Million More Pounds Of Sweet Potatoes To Keep Up


Pie enthusiasts across the country, this writer included, have been scrambling to their local Walmart stores in hopes of getting their hands on one of Patti LaBelle‘s signature Sweet Potato Pies only to find shelves bare.

The mad rush came after a man named James Wright Chanel posted a video of himself to Facebook “singing just like Patti” after taking just one bite. The video quickly went viral, garnering nearly 10 million views in a week and prompting LaBelle herself to issue a response thanking him for the kind review. And, as a result, the pies sold out. Fast.

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In a statement released this week, a spokesperson for Walmart said the pies have been flying off the shelves at “a rate of one per second during the 72 hour period from Thursday through Saturday.”

At just $3.48 a pop, that means the company made almost $1 million off the pies last weekend alone.

The company also said the pie’s page at has become the most visited one on the site, and searches for pie have been second only to searches for turkeys.

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Meanwhile, scalpers have begun selling the pies on Ebay for as much as $40 each, nearly 12 times the original price.

But good news for anyone who doesn’t want to shell out $40 for a pastry valued at under $4. Walmart says it’s doing its best to keep up with the demand, estimating it will need at least two million more pounds of California sweet potatoes to do so. Luckily, the company was able to put a rush order on the potatoes and expects to have more pies on its shelves by the weekend.


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h/t: USA Today