Walsh, Siriano All Smiles At Photo Show

Things were oh-so-hip at photographer Brad Walsh’s apartment this weekend. The ever-jubilant Walsh, pictured above with Project Runway winning boyfriend, Christian Siriano, invited a few hundred friends into his Park Slope pad to view his first portrait collection, Cameo.

Walsh’s pals at Junk-Mag shot some shots of the madness, including one of editor Andrew Belonsky with Mollygood’s Cord Jefferson, a lovely image of Sophia Lamar getting incoherent and some random hottie we think would make a beautiful Morning Goods candidate…

See the rest of the snaps here.


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  • brad

    you and cord are both far hotter than that picture suggests. and it’s not even a particularly bad picture.

  • key

    What a Fierce Tranny Hot Mess!!!

  • fredo777

    haha @ Key

    I assume you saw the SNL skit? I hadn’t seen it before this past weekend, which I guess was a re-run.

    Siriano has a nice jawline, I notice.

  • poopster

    ummm Brad is way too hot for Christian.

    For real.

    But then again, negative hot points for taking pictures of loveleigh and calling it art


  • poopster

    ps. who ‘s the hottie in the puffy jacket in the last picture.


  • kevwyn

    sad vacant hipster eyes,,,they look hungry.
    does anyone look as tho they are happy to be there?

  • kevwyn

    and i swear if i hear anymore watercooler babes at the officina saying”fierce and major”i will spay hairspray in thier eyes and drop thier carb loving butts down the stairs :) dont steal my culture!

  • fredo777

    lmao @ Kev’s last comment.


  • Alan down in Florida

    And we are supposed to care about any of this why?

  • Matt

    I like the picture of Andrew. I find it very attractive and he is always so friendly when you email him a tip or what not.

  • doyles

    Alan: It’s the who’s who of who cares….

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