Wanda Sykes’ Lesbian Bar Brawl


This is the best gossip we’ve heard in weeks. [Yes, better than Paris’ DUI.]
Wanda Sykes (pictured), the equally ingenious and spunky comedic actress, took a Labor Day weekend trip to Fire Island with a slew of younger women. The seven-strong group arrived with a case of wine [and Wanda wearing a muscle shirt] and headed to a six-bedroom house in Cherry Grove [aka Lezzie Land], where they partied through the night. Looking for a little social activity, the girls headed over to The Ice Palace. It’s there that things turned ugly.
After having a few drinks and getting loose, Wanda apparently went ape shit on a few of her friends, accusing them of flirting and basically acting a fool. A heated exchange ensued, ending only when Wanda was dragged away by the rest of her friends.
First, we’d never expect such things from Wanda. We always thought she was a chill girl. Second, are we complete idiots for not knowing of Wanda’s seemingly lesbianic tendencies?

“Curb Her Enthusiasm” [Janet Charlton’s Hollywood]