Wanda Sykes Will Never Ever Have To Worry About Getting Breast Cancer Ever Again

“…in February. I went for the [breast] reduction. I had real big boobs and I just got tired of knocking over stuff. Every time I eat … Oh lord. I’d carry a Tide stick everywhere I go. My back was sore so it was time to have a reduction.

“It wasn’t until after the reduction that in the lab work, the pathology, that they found that I had DCIS [ductal carcinoma in situ] in my left breast. I was very, very lucky because DCIS is basically stage-zero cancer. So I was very lucky.

“But cancer is cancer. I had the choice of, you can go back every three months and get it checked. Have a mammogram, MRI every three months just to see what it’s doing. But, I’m not good at keeping on top of stuff. I’m sure I’m overdue for an oil change and a teeth cleaning already…

“[So I decided to] have a bilateral mastectomy. I had both breasts removed … because now I have zero chance of having breast cancer.”

Wanda Sykes talking to Ellen Degeneres about her breast cancer scare and resulting double mastectomy.

Image via greginhollywood

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