Wanda Sykes: Working For the GOP, Ken Mehlman Probably Took a Lot of ‘Rape Showers’ To Cleanse Himself

When he was in the Bush administration, c’mon they knew, they knew he was gay,” says Wanda Sykes on Larry King Live about Ken Mehlman. “And he had to sit there and listen to all this anti-gay stuff. And I also believe the people in the room, they weren’t really anti-gay. They were pro-votes. They have to say what the voters out there … to get the votes.” Oh phew, because when Republicans introduced the Marriage Protection Amendment and Mehlman said, “I don’t think it’s anti-gay, I don’t think the intent is to be anti-anything,” I was confused!


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  • Bryan Harris

    There’s not enough water in the world…

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    Pig, pig, pig…I don’t even know how any of you want to be rational with this shitball (I have to invent new words to get past the filter sometimes). This “turn the other cheek” bull has to stop with us! We need to be as ruthless as the Republicans (the Dems’ biggest fault? Lack of balls..they can’t fight dirty anymore like they used to back in FDR & LBJ’s day. Cowards). This guy needs to be spit at, coffee thrown in his face (hot), he needs to be kicked out of any self-respecting gay business owners bar(as well as our supporters)…he needs his will to live beat out of him in any way possible. For you idiots who are Gay Ol’ Party shills, here is just some, some, of what this assfart has done, first as head of Bush’s 2004 campaign, then as head of the RNC;

    -Mailings to voters in Southern & battleground States in 2004 telling them that the Dems are going to ban the bible, legalize gay marriage & force Churches to accept those gay marriages.

    -In 2003 & 2004 putting a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage on as many State ballots as possible, hoping that increased turnout among Conservatives to vote for the Amendment meant they would also cast a vote for Bush and help him win (he wasn’t doing so hot in the polls if y’all remember.) It worked…here’s a quote from Metroweekly:

    “Of course, Mehlman’s role as the head of Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004, in which — as USA Today put it the day after the election that year — “[g]ay-marriage bans bulldozed to victory in all 11 states that voted on the measure: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah,” makes this coming-out less than celebrated by some.”

    -In 2004, as head of Bush’s campaign, having Bush hold a press conference to demand a Federal Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage (in addition to all the ones the Repubs were putting on State ballots), saying that traditional marriage must be protected from activist judges in Boston and Sacramento.

    Does Mehlman care how many gay teens were beaten, left homeless or killed because their parents/neighbors were inflamed or given license to hate by Ken’s own handiwork? I doubt he cares; it’s all about money and power with sociopaths like Mehlman. This psycho knew he was gay all this time; he shut his mouth and not only actively worked against his own but came up with new ways to torture us like the Federal marriage amendment. I wish him nothing but ill health, a miserable life & a long tortured death. Scum.

  • alan brickman

    pro vote does explain it….

  • claudia

    i love you, wanda!!!

  • alan brickman

    And now he wants to make money off the gay marriage cause….class!!!

  • kevinVancouver

    self loathing PIG…a waste of human tissue… foul malevolent turd.. yeah thats right I said turd.. I aint holdin back y’all

  • Joe

    someone needs to drop a house on that Mehlman witch.

  • Mike

    Mehlman Cohn is scum. How can he sleep at night?

  • Jeffree

    Never underestimate the power of comedy to point out injustice and make people think.
    Thanks Wanda Sykes:

  • the crustybastard

    Mehlman is a sociopath. He enjoyed harming people and it didn’t matter to him who he hurt.

    Mehlman didn’t take “rape showers.”

    He was the rapist.

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