Wannabe RNC Chair Reince Priebus Tells Maggie: Ban Gay Marriage Because Kids Need A Mom And A Dad

With Michael Steele being pushed out of his chairman post at the RNC, plenty of folks are lobby for his job! The National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher sat down with a few of them — including Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, Save American Jobs Project Chairman Saul Anuzis, former RNC political director Gentry Collins, and former Missouri Republican Chairwoman Ann Wagner — to get their views on “the sanctity of marriage.” All of them want to protect it! And down with those activist judges!

Above, Gallagher’s interview with Priebus, who spends six minutes explaining the “sanctity of marriage given to us by God … the Defense of Marriage Act” (and something called the “comedy clause of the Constitution”) is “important” and worth protecting. But what’s the harm in gay marriage? “Children are better off with a mom and a dad.” Which, uh, IS NOT AN ANSWER.

Below, Maggie’s chat with Wagner, where she wants to hear how she’d convince her own daughter to endorse discrimination. Wagner says opposite marriage is “the fabric of our society … morally, biblically, however you want to approach it” and is “a pillar of our Republican party and our platform.” Candidates, says Wagner, should “not be afraid to shy away from” their support of making gays second-class, because it’s a “winning message.”

And here’s Maggie’s Skype session with Collins, which is equally awful: Gay marriage “devalues” his marriage.

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