Wannabe RNC Chair Reince Priebus Tells Maggie: Ban Gay Marriage Because Kids Need A Mom And A Dad

With Michael Steele being pushed out of his chairman post at the RNC, plenty of folks are lobby for his job! The National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher sat down with a few of them — including Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, Save American Jobs Project Chairman Saul Anuzis, former RNC political director Gentry Collins, and former Missouri Republican Chairwoman Ann Wagner — to get their views on “the sanctity of marriage.” All of them want to protect it! And down with those activist judges!

Above, Gallagher’s interview with Priebus, who spends six minutes explaining the “sanctity of marriage given to us by God … the Defense of Marriage Act” (and something called the “comedy clause of the Constitution”) is “important” and worth protecting. But what’s the harm in gay marriage? “Children are better off with a mom and a dad.” Which, uh, IS NOT AN ANSWER.

Below, Maggie’s chat with Wagner, where she wants to hear how she’d convince her own daughter to endorse discrimination. Wagner says opposite marriage is “the fabric of our society … morally, biblically, however you want to approach it” and is “a pillar of our Republican party and our platform.” Candidates, says Wagner, should “not be afraid to shy away from” their support of making gays second-class, because it’s a “winning message.”

And here’s Maggie’s Skype session with Collins, which is equally awful: Gay marriage “devalues” his marriage.

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  • Steve

    We’re banning gay marriage to protect the kiddies? How fucking typical. What about all the gay kids who you are bashing and discriminating against right now when you pass these laws? Are you really so concerned about protecting children when you indirectly hate, bash, discriminate, and deprecate them? Fucking cunts.

  • Steve

    The Republican party most certainly will ditch that plank, as soon as they realize that it is not helping them to win elections. Discrimination is not a core value of the Republican party. Power and money are the only core values. Discrimination is only a means to those ends — they need something other than power and money to motivate the voters who will never have either. When a plank stops serving that purpose, it gets ditched.

    Fifty years ago, the Republicans were staunchly opposed to any form of racial integration. They supported discrimination on the basis of race, even more than they now support discrimination against gays. As the Klan gradually lost its influence and membership, the party decided that racial discrimination was less useful, and now even claims to oppose racial discrimination.

  • Steve

    There are two different Steve’s here…

  • SoCal Rob

    FYI, it is not the “comedty clause” but the comity clause. Per Wikipedia the text is “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.” At the risk of oversimplifying, this is why DOMA exists and why we need to get rid of DOMA.

  • Rick Gold

    If these people want to protect children, they should ban the Catholic church as there are PLENTY of pedophiles there.


    Gee Maggot talk about the kettle calling the freaking pot black! You got the balls to begin bringing religious rhetoric into the argument, insuiating that you live a so very pious life………….

    Did you give those repugnaticans all your background?? You know about the multiple abortions you have admitted to, and the fact that your actual marriage is nothing but a sham. You and your husband basically live separate lives. He spends most of his time traveling to bridge tournaments with his male partner…………….

    I hope to hell these scumbags completley embrace Maggot and the rest of the vile anti Gay lunatics. Obviously they have a fairly short memory because most of the far right candidates were defeated in November………….

  • John (CA)

    It looks like the 35 to 40 percent of gay minions who voted Republican in November are about to get their “reward” from the villain. And I have watched too many movies to not know how this will turn out.

    Pass the popcorn.

  • Daez

    I love it when morons like this can’t get over the “lets base laws on what God wants argument.” Our founding fathers would arise from the grave and kick these guys’ asses if they were given the opportunity.


    Its so that the majority will not persecute any minority under a religious belief.

    When science argues with religion on every step of this issue, its time to push aside religion.

  • Daez

    @Steve: The two major wedge issues are quickly becoming “Islamic Followers” and “Illegal Immigrants.” They are actually starting to get past the point that they need anti-gay rhetoric to get elected, and that is why they are starting to break away from it. The vast majority of the moderates in the Republican party are starting to support gay rights.

  • Tricky

    “Children are better off with a mom and dad?” This is true, I know because I just asked a couple of kids in my neighborhood. Little Sandra up the street loves her mom and dad, but she says she loves her stepmom more. Then there is Ricky, he is fourteen. I know because I saw him whacking the mailbox with a bat the other day. When I went outside to confront him and took him to his parents home, his dad answered the door. He said, “boys will be boys”, “I did the same type of things when I was a kid.” And the mom? Oh she was there, playing “Jonbenet” with the three year old girl. Priebus must have done his research in my neighborhood.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)

    @John (CA):

    Tell me about it! Dumb a$$holes.

    Where’s GOproud???

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Names, we want names of these Republicans please.

  • Atomicrob

    These people are simply pandering to their base. They represent an archaic, quasi-Victorian view of marriage and family that does not reflect the realities of our 21st century culture.

    They parrot the typical menu of right-wing buzz words and party-line rhetoric, with no authentic or original thoughts of their own.

    They are clearly homophobic, ignorant people that have no business leading anyone.

  • Marc

    So Maggie, what about a child or children who have one mommy and one daddy and one of the parents beats the crap out of the kids? This is a good thing? Seems to me that’s what you’re implying. You need serious help lady.

  • Heather

    Just a reminder to support GetEqual and their professional activists. We have a battle to win. Please donate today.

  • Jeffree

    If the Repubnocrats want to sanctify marriage, all they need to do is outlaw divorce! We won’t see that happening, of course, but the whole “gay marriage” issue is the least of the problems with straights being unable to keep their families together!

  • GregorVonK

    Well, they’re either idiots or whores…

  • Daez

    @Tricky: My step children seem pretty damn well adjusted besides growing up with a gay dad. My lesbian friend’s certainly seems happy. Family is about love not gender, and I truly do love my partner’s kids and we are close as friends.

  • Daez

    “lesbian friend’s CHILD”…..sorry getting used to this iPad

    I know I was previously on the wrong side of this issue, but I was most definitely WRONG!

  • Jeffree

    @Daez: That’s great that you get along so well with your “partner’s” kids. I hope that you stay close with them when he replaces you with a younger lover.

  • Daez

    @Jeffree: Oh honey, do not be hating cause you so damn jealous. If he wants someone else I’ll gladly step aside. However, we both do not actually believe in monogamy, so if he just wants younger ass he can have it whenever it is offered up.

    I would love to see him find younger ass that caters to his every need like I do. I do not see it happening though. Sorry you so jealous. Oh, by the way how old am I, since you seem to know and all.

  • robert in NYC

    Huh? Gallagher says that the sanctity of marriage was ordained by god? Since when was civil marriage invented by a sky pixie? It looks like the Log Cabiners have their work cut out for them, deluding themselves into thinking their party can be changed from within. Good luck with that, guys! Hell will freeze over before that ever happens.

  • GregorVonK

    Posters on this site has mentioned Gallagher’s supposed multiple abortions before. That’s a significant factor in her distorted thought process I imagine–IF it’s true. I can’t seem to find any additional info googling around. Any citations?

    I’m sure as a Catholic who was probably pretty lapsed in her youth and one who got (GASP!) knocked up, she probably feels the need to make amends, on the backs of OTHERS, it seems.

    I don’t like Maggie much, but I do recall her as having more verve, as being less of a caricature 10 or 15 yrs ago when she’d occasionally crop up on TV. She was plump, but not unhealthy looking as she is now, the page boy cut looked like a cutesy personal trademark, but not absolutely ridiculous like it does now.

    Point is, as she becomes a more strident, less attractive individual overall, she probably loses relevancy. People who might have been drawn to her a few years back, because she seemed feisty or something, now see only a shrill, unappealing harridan.

  • Skeptical Cicada

    Amusing how quickly the partisan dumbasses here forgot that it took moderate Republicans and Democrats to pass the DADT repeal legislation. Those sitting around waiting to be liberated single-handedly by Democrats are as foolish as anyone who thinks the GOP is suddenly going to embrace gay marriage.

  • Merlyn

    Oh Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. There is going to be marriage equality in this country and I pray you live to see it happen. Once the rethugs figure out that their opposition is costing them major blocks of voters they will change their tune so fast it will make your head spin.

  • Clifton

    Why do you hate Priebus for saying we should ban Gay “Marriage”? If you put yourself in his shoe, then you realize he must stand against something that not only destroys the meaning of marriage (since it’s religious basis and definition is ‘a union BETWEEN the sexes) but is against everything he knows practically as a Christian and as a political figure.

    The problem is that some influential gay members have made the argument as if not having the title marriage somehow means not receiving all your rights as a citizen or such nonsense. So whenever a man or woman says something like what Priebus said, the argument quickly becomes about fairness, even though that never was the issue.
    What Priebus is worried about is the religious meaning that marriage is. So to preserve and protect this religious statement of union is very important to the faith. After, if God says something is so, who has the right or power to change this?

    Having said this, Everyone must respect the natural rights of each other that God has ordained. To a true Christian, this must be true; but blindly obliging or compromising principles is not only is deserving of ridicule and scorn, but destroys any chance of respectful conversation due to this coward’s weak stance.

  • justiceontherocks

    Clifton – If God says something is so? Did he come to the RNC chairman in the middle of the night and tell him this?

    Who made Pribus, or you, or me or anyone else the owner of what God said?

  • Soupy

    Oh Clifton, what are you doing on this site? Has your religion shamed you about your homosexuality?

  • robert in NYC

    No. 27, Clifton, have you ever heard of “civil marriage”? It has NOTHING to do with religion or religious cults such as yours and if you’ve ever attended one which I doubt, there is absolutely no reference to a deity or other superstitious entity and the ceremony isn’t conducted by a religious nitwit. Yours is a chosen “lifestyle”, nobody comes into this world religious, its all learned behavior and so is homophobia, a by-product of indoctrination practiced by most religious cults. Take your beliefs and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine please and stay out of our bedrooms and our lives, you stupid little tea party scumbag. Get a life and come out of the closet.

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