Want A Gay Child? This Doctor Says He Can Inject Your Baby With A Gay Gene!

A baby getting an injection“When straight couples have children, the majority of them want their children to be straight as well,” Dr. William Strider at the Fertility Center of Chicago tells Daily Buzz Live. “That is why most straight parents have trouble accepting it when their children announce to them that they are gay.”

Um… OK?

“So it only makes sense,” Strider continues, “that same-sex couples would want children that carried out their same family values of homosexuality.”

Strider claims he has the unique ability to help same-sex parents biologically produce gay children or “gaybies.” The procedure is called Human Germline Manipulation. It allows doctors to genetically engineer a fetus’ X-chromosome gene by tinkering with the sperm and ovum during a surrogate conception. The X-chromosome is believed to have some impact on a person’s sexual orientation.

According to Strider, gay couples will soon have the option to change their straight baby into a gayby and “guarantee their same family values and acceptance throughout the next generation.”

But don’t think producing a gayby isn’t going to cost you. The rate for Human Germline Manipulation ranges from $12,000 to $15,000. Also, the procedure isn’t guaranteed. So you might be better off putting that 15K towards your kid’s college fund and then keeping your fingers crossed he turns out gay.


H/t: First To Know

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